#ShadowPhotoContest - Round 104 - My entry 1

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This is my entry to the #ShadowPhotoContest

| Participation #1 |

My Entry
- Round 104

Theme: Second Anniversary Celebration

The photographs I'm going to select from my repertoire is as follows

Shadows cast by my Gygabots: Ethix & Dinux - Trox

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Phone


In this opportunity I share with you my first participation in the photographic contest directed by the user @melinda010100

The challenge is to show through one or several photographs the projections of shadows generated by the light on the objects, animals or things.

Criteria to be considered in order to participate:

  • Use the #shadowphoto tag.

  • The Prizes will be from a fund with 10 SBI and 1000 ESTM, and awarded to the winners, who will be chosen by me, or a judge selected by me.

  • The photo must be your original work. NEVER use photos that you find on the internet!

  • Submissiowill no longer be accepted after the post has paid out in 7 days.
  • One submission per person.

This was my entry for challenge #ShadowPhoto

-Contest by @melinda010100-

For more details about the competition, I invite you to visit the following publication

Shadow Photo Contest- Round 104 Let's celebrate the 2 year anniversary of great shadows!

Do you want to know more about me?

The Gifs, Banners, Stripes and the Maquetado are the product of my creativity


Thanks for reading, I'll see you in a next Publication !!!



I still have a lot to tell

✳ S̻͛̊̅i̤̫͇m͙̖̾͋̃͗͗ͭp͖̘̒̋l̰ͬ̒̋͐y ̮͙̞̺ͩͪ̍ͨM̻͛̄a͍̩͚̪̤ͮ̒r̜͇̠ŝ͖͔̩̋̉ ✳


How fun! I always enjoy seeing shadows that I have never seen before and these are certainly new shadows for the contest! ❤️

Hi! Glad to know you liked my shadows! Greetings! Thanks for creating this kind of contest! I'll be here!