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Hello @melinda010100
My entry for Shadow Photo Contest -Round 71
Net shadow on the tennis court.

Love the perspective! Great sports shadow! Thanks for entering!

Thank You.... I had no clue as what I was going to do🤔 then remember there was a tennis court next to the library..🤗🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾

You captured the shadow very nicely! Which place do you frequent most often?

Hello...!!!!!! @melinda010100
Definitely the Library.....!!!!!
I go there to use their computer and and print things out and tap off the wifi sometimes. I only have an Android phone and the internet thru that from a distance cell tower. Very slow connection. I hope someday to get a better solor panel and be able to use a laptop or tablet.
Honestly I don't play tennis 🎾🎾🎾.
😊. I'd like to learn and have the time someday to...

I definitely use the library more, too! I have never been coordinated enough to play sports like tennis. Even when it wasn't causing me major struggles, my MS did affect my balance and made me not very good at things like that!
For not having a fast connection, you are doing great here on Steem!
I use my android phone by choice for almost everything I do online. I just like how everything functions.

I didn't know you have MS. That definitely affects balance. I have a friend that has it. She does go to yoga. It helps her some...
Very slow connection..even more so now that the leaves are on the trees.
Thank You for all your encouragement here on Steemit... !!!! I have come close to putting it aside....
If I had electricity and a desktop computer I think I could do better and a bit easier posting and writing..
:D I can only do so much before I go cross eyed.. 😏 :D

I used to do Yoga and TaiChi, but those days are past. I use a mobility scooter to get around in the house and I am no longer driving. I'm still able to live alone, though!

Oh, don't leave Steem. First of all I would miss you terribly, and 2nd I fully believe that each bit of Steem that you are collecting now will be extremely valuable in the future.

I. Miss my entry last time and just found it today jejejeje

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Oh! I'm sorry we missed out on this one! Great sign shadow! Hope you are out looking for sports shadows this week!

Yes my dear, I don't stop until I find it.. I love this contest. Just too busy because of Ramadan here. Time is so hectic.

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I missed you last week!

This time I hope I could submit my entry jejejeje

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Great sports shadow photo! Wonderful shadows! Thanks for entering.

Thanks Melinda, love how you keep us on our toes! Always happy to join in the fun!! :D

Oh! Good one! Two sports shadows in one! Thanks for entering!

What a joy to know that you like my entry

You have a great collection of sports shadows!

How cute! What a fun sports shadow. Thanks for entering!

Thank you my friend :)

My sports shadow entry :-)

😃Wonderful sports shadow! Thanks for entering!

Great sports shadow and welcome to the Shadow Contest!

Great sports shadow! Thanks for entering!

That is a great sports shadow photo! Thanks for entering!

my pleasure !

Great shadows! Thanks for entering!

Wonderful sports shadow! Thanks for entering!

Welcome my dear, I feel hard time hunting this.

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You did great with this one!

Hopefully, could catch the eyes of our dear judge for today. If not no worries, still going for another day shadow hunting.

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Good one! Great to see an entry from you this week!

Thank you! :)

Congrats to the winners of the sign shadows.
My entry to sports shadows:

Great sports shadow shot! I've tried snowshoeing.. It is not easy! Thanks for entering!

Dad had a pair of the big old snowshoes I would try to navigate as a child. The modern ones are so much smaller but it takes awhile to get the hang of it.

I was late last week and missed the round, so now I am one of the first to submit my entry. :-)

You are quick this week! Wonderful sports shadow. Thanks for entering!

Thank you! It was sunny for a little awile and rainy in the afternòn. I am glad I did the photo as tomorrow it is going to be another rainy day.

It is rainy here, too! I found a cool shadow this morning and just as I was about to snap the photo the sun went behind a cloud and the shadow disappeared!

Oh, this is not fair. We rely on the sun for nice shadows.

I agree! I am so tired of dark rainy days!

What an awesome sports shadow photo! Thanks for entering!

This is my sportshadow entry for shadowphoto contest
Sportshadow for shadowphoto contest

That has always been a favorite sport of mine! Great sports shadow! Thanks for entering.

Great sports shadow! Thanks for entering!

So fun...will be checking in on entries... :) resteeming!

Some great entries already!

hope oneday i join this contest. thank you.

I would love to have you join in! Let me know if you have any questions.

I am definitely in! Going to try to find something sporty hahah

You are always doing sporty things. I bet you find a good one!

Planning a great one 🙀

I'll be watching for it!


😬 there is the challenge .... ok
Stagelights ✅

Just fouling around
Love Britt

Ha! We were thinking alike! We are getting buckets full of rain. It seems like we have a thunderstorm every 8 hours. But at least the Sun comes out in between sometimes!

Well we had rain too so my plan didnt work buuutttt i still have a few days !
thunderstorms in Tornados?

Ok i have been planning
Sporting gear✅
Camera ✅and sun not yet check we Will see

You will have to set up outdoor spotlights!

@melina010100 have been without internet and moving .. now they say they may not be out until Tuesday... waugh!!

I am totally pysched about this contest.. great job and an honor for me.

@photobe will be over shortly...resteeming now also!

I was beginning to worry about you! I hope they get you connected soon. No worries about the contest until it is time to pick the winners on Friday morning.

A great shadow theme @melinda010100 I shall have to do some searching. I am so glad to see that @curie is lending support for your weekly contests as so many people enjoy participating and you have been so generous with your bonuses over many months. I'm very happy for you my friend. 😊 (U & R)

Curie is matching the 10 steem each week that I pay out, so it does make the prizes more generous! You have until Friday to find a Sports Shadow. Happy Shadow hunting!

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Thank you for all you do!

Howdy Melinda! another great contest idea! most everything makes a shadow, I think, so there is no limit to the types! Great job again.

The hardest part for me these days is coming up with the sample photo. I just don't get out to take pictures like I used to. I am so grateful to have the help of my friends!

oh, like you ask them to send you a photo you can use as an example?

Yes. Last week Shasta was the host. She chose the theme and took the photo sign shadow photod that I used as an example. She picked the winners. This week's contest photobe is hosting. Sports Shadows was her idea. I get by with a little help from my friends!

That's a great way to do it Melinda! especially on those times when you have family visiting.

It works out well! The hosts get a little exposure that they might not have had otherwise.

yes that's very true too, a win for everyone. Very wise Melinda!

what a cool theme photobe came up with should make for some very interesting entries

I'm looking forward to seeing them!

Hope you find one to enter this week!

I actually did go for a walk earlier and past by the baseball fields but didnt get any good shots with shadows but I will keep looking for options

nice shot friend,great photos @melinda010100

@photobe did a great job with these photos

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great contest.. I emailed and DM'd you the top ones for photobe's picks.. :)
Thanks for doing these contests.

Hope you are able to see the latest entries!

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