WINNERS Shadow Photo Contest Round 28- Children's Shadows

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What a fun week of shadows this has been! Thanks to all the kids who were willing to show off their shadows!

@rosargelisperez entered this lovely lady of dance shadow.


@Angie25 found this victorious shadow, with a little help from her nephew!


@dianadvsalcedo captured this great action shadow!

@burmudezloida lined up the neighborhood kids for her great shadow photo!

@loresb used some editing techniques to add some interest to this great shadow shot!

@ohicklin has a big kid with a great shadow!

@noritza found this little musical shadow!

@arun5866 captured this 'Lady of Beauty eclipse!

@albanyg12 captured this shoulder riding shadow!

@unataldani found these great shadows on the beach

Once again, it has been super hard to pick the winners. I truly love each one of the entries.

Shadow Photo Contest- Parallel Line Shadows

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Gracias por el premio se le quiere y mucho en la isla de las perlas.

Awww! Thank you . I love that, the island of pearls!

Loving all the children shadows. Great job everyone.


Great job everyone!! I really need to keep this in mind when I get a chance to take pictures again.

I would love to see you join in!

That's great, thank you very much for all the support.

Congrats to you!

congrats great job everyone! resteemed

Congratulations to all the awesome shadow winners!! 🎉
Fantastic children shadows!!

Really love @bermudezloida's many shadow kids!! shasta2018shadow47io.png

Thank you @melinda010100 for such a great contest!! 💕
I couldn't find any shadows this week, except for critters lol :-)

Ha! Yeah, I don't have kids running around here, either!
Bet you can create something for this week, though!

Aww😍! Adorable and fantastic shadows, congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you @melinda010100 this topic was great 👏

This was fun! Let me know I'd you have ideas for future topics!

This was fun! Let me
Know I'd you have ideas
For future topics!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

All the pictures are amazing. Congratulations

They are great, aren't they?

Yes, they are all so creative. And the result is these wonderful photos

Thanks for you appreciation :)

Great!! My nephews will be very happy to have won. Thank you for this initiative Melinda, happy day for you.

They provided great shadows!!! Congrats to all!

Congratulations to all the winners and see you in the next contest!

Thanks for choosing such a great topic for the coming week!

My pleasure! I'm going to look for other topics, I've been busy lately and have neglected many things but I'm on it 😜😁

The photos are wonderful and this is indeed a fabulous theme ! =))

Congratulations to all !

Thanks, Luigi! 😘😘😘

Keren sekali, saya sangat menyukai gambar nya , terimakasih telah berbagi and salam .

Thanks! You haven't posted anything new for a long time. Hope all is well.

Congrats to the winners! Love them all! Well done, Melinda, great selection!

Dear @melinda010100, I just ran into your contest, and I am so delighted to see these beautiful photos winning. The themes are exciting, too! I hope I would join you in this round:)

So glad you found the contest! We do have fun with shadows!