Q ANON | Mitochondrial Codon Upgrade via Transfer Factor (Frank Bacon & St Germain Apocalypse WATER)

in #shaktilast year

Q ANON | Mitochondrial Codon Upgrade via Transfer Factor autoresponder

...pinpoint suggestion override detailed

SUM WON - Last Hoorah for the claimants of "4-Q" who've all been categorized on a metabolic endocrinology program to for-clos-UR-3 on my REO packages that are being swapped on false credits.
(The ones on "intel" proving what stealth never was go first. Hare kare. Find your white RA bit and chew the car-rot...rust is for you.)

This is the final destination call I answered for Tyroan Simpson who has been orchestrating a cryptographic novela on Steemit and more recently HIVE!, as @FrankBacon.

In this detailed correspondence, I completely popped off AS SHIVA over TIAMAT, so she MAY 5/5/CHALLENGER her own burst off as AFRIT. This is where the good teachers who protected the children and made sure a virgin specimen would never go forced into confinement with abusers is being filmed on my #VECHAIN takeover units, thanks to #BABYGATE.

This is the Kurdish Republic. #JAM if you are safe with ME. If not, it's a scary way to conjure the fire. DJNN is in. (The attackers who were witnessed between 2:45-3:00 a.m. in the "Fourted Republic" of underlording ops have been locked to the new HALO tech in the "bad Apple" ware for faultline fold extraction. Your time was fork simulated on my DINAR.)

There is no other verse. You were even pre-rehearsed. This call was wreck---or---TED talked to others I didn't approve to speak to or through who claim to have something to do with ME as "For Q"...and it's over.

Cicadas barked your asses out. Chew hard. Saguaro sanctuary.


Dr. M, the Rev.♾⚕

Thank you to those of you who made the PermaForm a priority AS the SovereignTY for the child who chose THIS PLACE! Not YOUR Ear-thing to vomit poor coordinates for landing home...the Ear thing that Wo/rm___YOU is not this HM RM. See @GurgaDArth for the cuddle you receive on green-forkhash. https://hive.blog/saguaro/@gurgadarth/saguaro-lettuce-or-shiva-4a204-m2-medium-term-notes-with-abletonhabits Carry off.

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