Distance healing - Shamanic healing can be done at a distance.

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Distance healing
Shamanic healing can be done at a distance.

Most forms of shamanic healing can be performed at a distance, being that spiritual healing is mainly taking place in non-ordinary reality.
This means that the shaman does not need to be present in the same room or location with the person that requires the healing.
This is further facilitated in our modern world, as the internet is helping bridge the gap of distance and communication.


From a shamanic point of view, the internet is another world, a non-ordinary reality, a realm into which we have access through devices like smartphone, laptops, phones, etc, yet the shaman, through the practice of journeying, can access this reality directly, without the use of other technologies, other than changing it’s state of consciousness and journeying there.
This aspect has profound implications to distance healing work. It means that we can use the shamanic methods at great distances with the same efficiency as if we were in the same location with the person who needs healing.

Furthermore, by combining three aspects: shamanic methods, spiritual power offered by spirit helpers and modern technology, a skilled shamanic practitioner can not only offer the same healing results as in a in-person setting, but he/she can reach more people. Sometimes people that would be unable to either ask for this help or travel to the shaman’s location.

This has even further application in the cases where the person in need of healing cannot be reached physically by the shaman, as would be the case of a person being in hospitalized quarantine status.

All healing modalities, such as spiritual intrusion removal, soul retrieval, psychopomp work, power animal retrieval, power healing, clearing the space and others have a high efficiency rate even at distance.

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Written by: Alex Giurgea