THE POWER ANIMAL - Vitality. Energetic immune system. Spiritual power

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THE POWER ANIMAL - Vitality. Energetic immune system. Spiritual power



In many cases, when we hear about shamanism we come across the term of Power Animal. Plenty of times there is confusion related to the term, what it is about and how we work with it.
The Power Animal, from the way I understand it and from the way They describe themselves, is a transcendent spirit, completely compassional that serves as a guide that offers support in our everyday lives. I am referring to our life regarding work, home, fun, interests and all the other things that we fill our time with. But at the same time, this spirit is a real help in the shamanic work, either in journeying or other practices.
Also called a Guardian Spirit, a Protector Spirit, Angel or Power Spirit, he offers us his power, protects us from illnesses, spiritual intrusions, danger, bad luck, and in some shamanic cultures it is said that as long as you have a Power Spirit beside you, you cannot die. It’s like having an energetic immune system that makes us more enduring towards the things that life throws at us.
Connecting to a Power Animal brings a semnificative increase in vitality. When I recover a Power Spirit for a client, their natural and instantaneous reaction is one of amazement and of a sense of renewed vitality. Maintaining and cultivating the relationship with the Power Spirit through different practices increases and restores this vitality.
The spiritual power that the Power Animal provides is one that we can use in many ways (in an ethical way, of course). For protection, healing, revitalization, but mostly it is visible in the presence, the efficiency and the impact that we have in our everyday lives. A lot of times when I find myself in a difficult situation, a provocative one or even in danger, I call upon my Power Animal and I invite it to contribute, I ask it for advice and I open myself up to using the power that it offers to safely and creatively navigate the situation.
Recovering a Power Animal is for me, as a shamanic practitioner, one of the most fascinating healing and empowering practices. The moment the person meets his protective spirit is a wonderful one, much like a reunion of two friends who haven't seen each other in a long time, filled with joy, love, tenderness and many times playfulness. I feel honoured every time I get the chance to facilitate this type of reunion.
And this is only the beginning. The person that receives this spirit goes into a personal relationship with it, an intentional relationship that grows and changes in the same way as a relationship that we have with a dear person in our life. It’s a reciprocal relationship, one in which every partner offers unconditionally, with compassion and care.

Written by: Alex Giurgea
Artwork: Vasil Woodland (