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RE: Final clarifications and moving on...

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All this was said in a hurry, as you were hurting Share2Steem at a fast pace.
When damage control was done, I had time to think about it and realized I can not forget the harm done to the application. And users must be priority number one, whatever what our dissenssions might be.
The late Discord isn't there anymore to prove it, but I proposed you an exit strategy, 10% of all benefits made by Share2Steem for you to step down. This one I'm keeping. If you want it, you can take it.


Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes only got a 10% share of Facebook and he did a lot of work @sebbbl @algo.coder.

Execution is MUCH more important than the actual ideas but the idea still helped. So I'm happy that you offered @sebbbl a share of the earnings. @algo.coder

Thank you for the update @algo.coder. I'll delegate again once you get back from the Holidays.

Dont let this to drow us down!! Personal problem solves without compromising what you have shared, I have been running out of control in my vote, and losing credibility by betting and divulging an incredible project that is out of thin air because its directors dug up, it does not exist.

I can barely understand your comment @kalam.

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