It’s not 2018 anymore, but this is still a trend

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Fake meat is weird, processed trash. If someone doesn’t want to eat meat, by all means... don’t. That’s your call. But maybe don’t eat weird processed chemical mush patties in its place. Just move near the equator and eat fresh fruit all day.



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I basically eat only at home, food I cooked. I enjoyed going out for a meal two or three times a year...but now I dare not, as I do not want margarine, cooking oil - especially Canola, the worst of them, gmo's and fake meat.

Do not forget that they were also advertising a year ago that this year they would have 'flesh' hamburgers...flesh means it is human meat. Their excuse was that by selling flesh burgers, they would kill less lambs and cows. They think we are that stupid! If they were talking about fesh burgers being 'grown', then what stopped lamb and beef meat being grown, without animals being slaughtered - or were they in fact thinking of slaughtering people for the flesh? I do not find that difficult to believe.

Anyway, I have left it in my will that my body is to be sold to whichever fast food chain pays the most. By saving on coffin and fake ceremony and getting paid for my body, my estate will not be a catastrohe for everyone.

Yum-yum - anybody want to book their piece from now? We could have it freeze-dried and sent to you within 24 hours.