Convert Your Twitter, Instagram or YouTube with Share2Steem

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Hi @patrickulrich,

Thanks for this very detailed post ! What can I add after this ? Maybe that you can use custom titles for your tweets and insta shots by using the combo [My Title]. Just insert your custom title between square brackets into your post body and it will be your steem post's title (then the [My title] mention will not show on your steemit post's body).

I would add the referral program which allows referrers to earn 4% of referrals gains, and the delegators revenue, up to 25% APR.

A double curation trail is also available, and each user will have a daily vote from S2S. The vote strength is determined by the S2S score, you can find it in the stats section.

Really happy you like the service !

Those are excellent suggestions to add in. I'll try to update the post tonight but if I can't I'll definitely add them in tomorrow. BTW that's a crazy referral program! Your growth should be phenomenal in a short amount of time. I might need to do a whole new post just about that alone.

I've updated this post with information on custom titles, the referral program and info on using tags. I'm going to have to learn more about the delegation and curation trails to really get an understanding for it so I don't put anything misleading in the post. There's so much cool stuff you guys are doing that I could make 100 posts on this!

Nice ! Feel free to ask if you have any question !

This is a fantastic development. I've got quite a few friends with big YouTube & Twitter followings who I've been pushing to use Steem and this will make the transition easy.

Great work!

I completely agree. I'm going to be doing the same thing to any influencer I have a connection with too so I hope we can get them all to move over. The more people see it then the more influence it will have on users debating signing up.

How are the numbers looking?

Are more people starting to use the application over the last week?



The week-end was quiet, but the word of mouth is doing the job now.
Note all these stats (and even more) are publicly displayed on share2steem website.

I have to imagine that these bars are going to seem small in comparison over the coming weeks.

I pray you're right !

I definitely have to thank you for mentioning it last week. It put it on the radar to try out and now I'll be telling anyone that I bring on to Steem about this to get them started. It seems like the perfect transition too for new users.

Nice project! @patrickulrich
I have a question- Can two steemit accounts be connected to a single Insta account?

It is not possible. The opposite is possible nevertheless : you can link as many social media accounts from the same networks to a unique steem account.

Woah this looks amazing, congratulations!!

This will facilitate migration to the steem platform and will increase the diversity of content here.

Might also do wonders for promoting steem to other content creators outside this platform. They will be able to share their content and be rewarded in crypto for it.

I completely agree! Not only will it help the creators but will also help their followers learn more about Steem when they see the #share2steem tag. This could be huge!

Now this call a new and valuable Hunt for steem community., thanks for this post., I m looking forward to use this

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I'm happy it was able to help you find them! If you need any help getting set up please let me know. :)

Interesting! I definitely use Instagram the most and maybe I can find a way to incorporate it into my Steemit account when I get more active again!

I think that's a great idea! Hopefully it will start some conversations with any IG followers so they end up joining you on Steem.

Really cool and innovative concept. It could be a game changing project for Steemit. Now, we can easily encourage our new friends to post on Steemit through their regular social media accounts.

I would really love to give it a try. Thank you so much. Resteemed.

Good luck!

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I totally agree with you moneyminded and really appreciate the resteem! As they start to see rewards come in from their normal social postings maybe they will be more inclined to use other Steem dapps leading to a total migration on the blockchain. I hate giving Facebook more data about me by using IG but if it opens up even one conversation on there about someone joining Steem it will be worth it! :) Let us all know what you think of it when you give it a try.

Sure! I will let you know whenever I will post the review.

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The only concern I might have is people creating less exclusive content on Steemit. Like those who repost the same YouTube videos on Dtube.

If we share original content that's only available on Steemit, this will help grow the platform and make things better for all of us.

I can appreciate that but I think this stands a better opportunity of growing our user base. Whenever I post to Steepshot my post is siloed in to Steem/Steepshot but now my content will be seen with special #share2steem tags for anyone who may follow me on Instagram/Twitter. This could hopefully be a conversation starter for new users to wonder what the hashtag is about and open a conversation for new users to join the platform. Once they get red pilled to be here we can create a larger community that no longer needs traditional social media and can just be native to Steem.

Whenever I create a new post on Steemit, I promote it to my team on Twitter. This allows me to create unique hashtags to reach as many of my 13k followers as possible, inviting them to come back here to view it.

Between the two of us, we'll help Steemit keep growing.

thanks for this tip. I will try it directly;)

You're more than welcome! If you need any help getting it set up please don't hesitate to let me know!

Brilliant idea mate. .amaze balls. ..

Isn't it! I believe with all of my heart they are going to do something amazing for the Steem community. It just takes one big influencer to adopt this and it's on.

I resteemed this post ad i believe it is describing a very important technique to increase steemians

Thank you for the resteem! I completely agree with you. I think this will help bring so many more people to begin using Steem regularly.

Needing to add the #share2steem thing makes it a bit pointless on Twitter. Anyone know any other cross-posting service that doesn't need a hashtag?

Yeah it definitely limits your characters a bit but I'm hoping it starts conversations on Twitter about what it's about. Hopefully those conversations will lead to new Steemians and even more growth for our chain! :) I seem to remember another service that tied to Twitter mentioned to me a year or so ago but I can't remember what it was. If I hear again I'll update this comment.

One of the devs answered as well in a tweet I sent, they can add the option for everything to be cross-posted, or just the hashtag. If it can be done, than this is going to be very useful.

I just checked out your profile and seen @algo.coder's response and that he's already made this feature available. I'm blown away with how fast they are implementing new features and tools for this. I have no doubt they are doing something special for our beloved blockchain.

Trying to do my best to satisfy everyone, but that's not easy.
It's still experimental, gonna need some more tests before being sure it works flawlessly, but it's implemented and you can try it as you like. If you encounter any problem @unacomn, please mention me in a comment under the "failed" post and I will see what went wrong.

Awesome. Thank you for the speedy feature update.

Wow it looks like you really put a lot of work into making this happen. I salute you for your efforts and will definitely be spreading the word about this new app. Kudos!

Thank you @pokerm! I didn't have anything to do with the creation of it but am happy to help them spread the word. I really feel this could prime new users to understanding the value of the Steem chain.

I have twitter and youtube connected to it. I don't want to spam my feed, but I have tested twitter and it works. Later I will test YouTube and hopefully I can upload some gameplay footage from my PS4.

That should be interesting.

Yeah what's nice is that it only shares when you use #share2steem in your body or tweet by default. This lets you have a choice what all is going out to your followers without giving them an endless feed of everything you do online.

It's a huge win for PS4 gamers. Now you can have an option to earn Steem rewards straight from the console share!

Highly rEsteemed!

Hey, M new on steemit and this post was helpful for me. Thank you for sharing such a valuable post. Help me on steemit.

Added myself yesterday, this is pretty brilliant Patrick! I couldn't believe it!

I'm not sure steem is a very good system/repository for tweet type content.

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