Too Orangy For Fire Makeup Look

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Are you that type of person who would wear orange eyeshadow and would wear it in public as well or it this color too bright for you and a no-go?

Are you that type of person that creates only colourful and bright eye makeup looks to post them on Instagram and then remove them quickly afterwards, just to get attention and likes? Would you actually consider wearing all the makeup looks that you create for Instagram in public as well? Or would you just stick too a very natural brown-toned look and that’s it?

I know that filters and facetune are some of your’s best buddies but the thing is…it won’t look the same in real life…

My looks might not be as bright and smooth as some of yours but I know that all the looks I create, I can and do wear in public because I’m about real life makeup application and not about filters and facetune…I’m all about showing what I can create and still look good in real life!

We should create more real-life related makeup looks:

  1. This way, people who want to recreate the looks won’t get disappointed because they don’t/or can’t use the same filters..
  2. People will trust and admire you because of your work that they actually could apply and feeling good about themselves!

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Don't see myself trying this one 😂🤣

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