A Tour of Beautiful Shoes for YOU! Day 16!

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The mission of this blog is to put a smile on your face and money in your Steemit account.

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This month's blog is all about men's footwear.


Because it's ridiculous and wonderful FUN to be weird.

Broadcasting the male Carrie Bradshaw to Steemit is silly and funny; and if you don't read it here, you won't read it anywhere...


On with the show!


Today's glorious selection comes to you from Italy, and is an elegant example of the quality of craftsmanship one would expect from the land of beautiful fashion, gorgeous historical and architectural treasures, and hairy, smelly, gropey men.

Another exquisite offering from the Mark Nason line of footwear, the dragon motif is demonstrated in 2 distinguished conceptual patterns:


The adamantium Dragon 🐉 fobs anchoring your grip on the zipper, coupled with a stunning embroidery adorning the sides:


Tastefully staged with minimal bronze bedazzling to draw attention to the subtle art it showcases.

The carefully designed shading of the leather distinguishes these boots, demonstrating a borderline diagnosable attention to detail:


The last time these boots were worn was at a rooftop patio party for the celebration of EOS in New York City.

My attendance came by the generous invitation of Dan Larimer and block.one, to serve as an ambassador for EOS at its unveiling to the world, during the Consensus Conference in New York last May.


Indeed, a distinguished privilege and honor to serve such brilliant and wonderful people.

My sincere gratitude 🙏 and appreciation, to everyone on the team, for so warmly inviting me to assist in the introduction of EOS!


Huh! Look at that:
A Craiggles with scotch in hand (neat, of course; I'm not a savage).
That almost never always happens! 🥃

Doing fun, off-the-wall things is a hobby of mine; I took a chance and made Dan a shirt:


A tremendous time was had by all!


All month long, you'll see gorgeous designer shoes and boots to dress up your feet like you're going to a dunk tank party 🎉 to punish clowns!

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@scan0017 😘


Now we have a problem Craig.. I can't resteem your post just like that.
I'm reading your posts and giving comments because I like them.
I actually think you're the funniest guy on Steemit!
That's why I can't resteem your post right now.. Because it would look like I want free dollars..
And that's exectly the one thing that I DON'T like about Steemit! People following/resteeming/commenting on people for money..

So, I have 2 solutions..

  1. I'll resteem you because you deserve more followers, but you won't send me a SBD!
  2. I'll just continue following you like nothing happened ;)

You get to decide!
(life of a principle person ;) )

@bettyboob, you (and your husband, @fitzgibbon) have a tremendous gift for lifting up the world around you ☺️
I wonder if your children have any idea how blessed they are to have you two...

I'm upvoting comments for the value of $1 because if I were obligated to send anyone an SBD to save my soul, I'd be kicking back in purgatory for a very long time.

Don't let the "65" reputation fool you!

It's been earned legitimately by being curious, funny, and sharing stuff in my life that I think is hilarious, really interesting, and worthy of sharing with the world in order to delight and entertain.

Writing funny stuff, being a goofball, and smiling a lot is what I'm good at. Anything technology related and I'm a fella who's handcuffed and blindfolded trying to play basketball on a tightrope.

How's that for a visual? 😀

Maximum upvote because that's the vibe of Steemit in my mind, and hopefully where Steemit finds itself in the very near future.

Thank you 🙏🙇‍♂️ for your encouragement.

It makes me want to take more topless photos and write more giggly stuff.

Please remember to resteem! 💁‍♂️

Did you just break your own rules?!!
Can't wait for the topless photos!! Haha

I just broke my own principles.. We're both very bad people!!

I've found rules to be kind of bendy from time to time 🤷‍♂️

Your face radiates happiness, and in you those boots look very elegant.

That's true ... you saw that smile ?.

Where did you leave the horse? (Here we joke with people who wear boots)

@scan0017 I think I am late here. Anyway I found this and up-voted before the payout time ends. I have never wore boots in my life. The pic make me feel try wearing it for sometimes. Looking forward to your steemit blog for more interesting updates.

You're right on time my friend!
Thank you for your comment, have a beautiful week!

That's Kind. Happy that I meet you here. Looking forward to being a part of your all posts to share my thoughts.

what a great idea greetings friends I already participate

Thank you for all the re-Steems brother!

excellent publication, here in venezuela it is said that elegance begins with clothing and good boots are part of it.

Thanks for the resteem brother!

Love the boots!!!! I know a lot of Mexicans who would love to get their hands on a pair of those!! 😉

Please remember to resteem!

Are these EOS is my disruptor T-shirts available somewhere?

I want 6 of those in sizes 2 x M, 3 x S, 1 x XS and then wear these with the whole family!

I just wanted to mention you in this post @fitzgibbon!
EOS!!! Whaaah!!
Haha! Need the t-shirts!!
Nice post Scan! Seems like you're having a good time :) Party here party there.. Scotch here, scotch there.. ;)
Oh, and I love the shoes!!

Tried scotch in Schotland at the airport of Edinburgh last year. Not my thing, as you can see looking at my face.. haha

Hey @bettyboob!
You two make the Edinburgh Airport look great! Scotch is an acquired taste, to be sure 😋
Remember to comment on the actual post, (not on your wonderful husband's comment) to collect your upvote 😉
He can show you how when he's taking your Steem dollars 🤣 😉
Glad these shoes are @bettyboob approved!!!

I'm taking care of my own business now

(At least 8 of the 10 steps that needs to be done before sbd's turn into steempower... 😁)

PLEASE write a post on how to do that! I tried last night and it's much different than a year ago...

I would if I could 🙈

@fitzgibbon, remember to re-Steem!
Need to be fair to everyone, please follow the rules brother!
Tell your wife @bettyboob, @lotje, the whole family! 😀
This shirt was a one-off production; @dan and his wife have one, the CEO of EOS, Brendan Blumer has one, and I've got mine.
A limited run, made for fun, with the hopes the team would enjoy my thank you gift, and they sure did!
The REALLY special part is on the back...
I'll rock that shirt at Steemfest3 so you can see what was done 😏
to qualify for the $1 upvote on your comment!
Thanks @fitzgibbon!
Love you brother!

I actually LOVE these boots made for walking and dancing and....But I love the great photos of you even more. Nice to see your face again, you always make me smile. I'm hoping to meet Dan at Anarchapulco this year. One month to go...still everything to book 😅 Love you @scan0017!

I like these shoes. I love all the shoes in the world. I am a shoe monster!

Please remember to resteem!

I like these shoes. I love all the shoes in the world. I am a shoe monster!

Please remember to resteem!

I made resteem now 🤗🙋‍♀️

I made resteem now 🤗🙋‍♀️

The pose you give when taking pictures is very good. always like this @scan0017

Please remember to resteem!

Resteemed sir :)))

The shoes are too classic for me :) But maybe I can enjoy it in the future :)
I will follow you. And the vote and reestem @scan0017

the shoes look great :)) @scan0017

Where did you get nice shoes.

i love the classic shoes looks great and nice shots

Please remember to resteem!

yes sure i do

Powerful @yassinof!
Cheers mate!

thank you great that you are here

I can use these shoes for join with DJ party and be rocking me with Italian shoes. Am going round like as flying bird.
Up-Voted & Resteemed.
Already followed @scan0017

EOS will be the #1 coin by 2020!

Airdrops and renting/staking EOS will be the best way to make money!

Hey @scan0017, I nice to decided, followed you now.
Woohoo, I can be crazy in-front my wife wearing Mark Nason's footwear. I bet after wearing these shoes you'll get attraction from ladies. I have some doubt. Don't go outsides...Wear only inside home.
If going outside ladies come and running fast my backward.
I don't need divorce my wife. :D

Upvote and Resteem done.

owoo lovely shoes @scan0017 ty for share!!!!!!!!!!

these are a wonderful friend I wish I had

Thanks for sharing ! big vote and resteemed.. @scan0017

The shoes are perfect for a crypto winter :D

Great Shoes from the EOS Guru! :D

Gorgeous shoes. New brand. EOS is becoming popular. Thanks for sharing

That Shoes are great for a cowboy hehe!!!
EOS is one of my favorite projects i am pretty sure will be better than ethereum!!

Please remember to resteem!

Nice shoes with a quality product.

Please remember to resteem!

More fancy shoes! Makes me wonder if you ever wear sneakers.

Please remember to resteem!

Craig, show us the shoes of today, so I can finally go to bed! 😅😉 waiting.... 😁

Ok, coming up 🙂

Ok @ scan0017, I agree with you I hope you will always be my friend. Thank you very much.

Please remember to resteem!

Please remember to resteem!

Thank you for again post Amazing shoes @scan0017

    Resteem. DonE !!!!

Thanks again @deybala!
I appreciate you 🤗
Remember, I'll do this again in the future!
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Well done! 🤝

YOU wellcome 😍😘😍😘😍😍😍😘😍😍😘😐😚

Thanks again @deybala!
I appreciate you 🤗
Remember, I'll do this again in the future!
Your first upvoted comment is above, THANK YOU for re-steeming even after you received my upvote! Proper character and follow through mate!
Well done! 🤝

lol.nice post sir...

No human could read this post that fast!
You didn't even re-Steem 🤦‍♂️
AI is weak; we're safe.

my friend what is your problem. I do not have enough money to buy a boat..

Ugh, my bad.
Sorry - palms my OWN face 🤦‍♂️

no problem

Hey, hold on a second...
You're a bot! 🤖

haha no bot. i am just following you my friend :))