Are the coins on red ... do not panic..Shopping Time "Just Hodl it"

in #shopping4 years ago (edited)

If there is a bloodbath of the courses again, I'll give you some good advice. Do not panic. One lesson of the hour, never sell in minus.

Best not to look at the folio. Go for a walk, enjoy good food with friends or just shopping.
Today I found a great T-shirt with the inscription "Just Hodl it" and a great design.

How do you like the T-shirt?
If you also want to buy one .. here is the link to the shop

Have fun and soon good courses again.



I just want to add, just hold good coins, I fact the market suffer actually fro a lot of manipulation, we wil see the green soon :)

Thanks a lot for your comment and I agree with you that the color green will soon be dominant again ... wish you much success.

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