A Preview To A Short Stories I'm Writing.

in #short2 years ago

This quick little erotic message was the inspiration for the erotic short story I'm writing. The story turns pretty dark, indulging and intense.

Maybe I tie you up by the wrist, and strip you naked?
Maybe the paddle will warm your cold flesh?
Maybe I'll circle your dangling body, dragging the fringe end of the paddle along your skin, raising your chills, anticipating whether I'll be soft or if you'll be smacked?
Maybe I'll blindfold you and leave you naked, cold, turned on and vulnerable?
Where will he hit me next?
My thighs?
My ass?
My tits?
My pussy?
A shaking spare of skin, a forgotten patch of flesh?
And when?
Or maybe not at all?
Maybe your vibrator?
Maybe I just leave you there, to listen to the rattling of the swing being installed?
And I won't turn the heat on, untie you, or let you into the swing until you orgasm.

By: The Brusca


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