Trucking Coders, Coding Truckers - Part 1: An Eventless Trip

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I am trying to write a short story, that I have thought about for a long time. But, being a certified procrastinator, up to now, I never really write it.

As English is not my first language, I may need some help from whoever reads it for spelling and style.

Here is the first part.

An Eventless Trip

Nestor and Moana left their house in South Surrey, BC at 4PM, with their self-driving long-haul semi-truck, and drove South, crossing the border in 25 minutes.


They had dinner in the cabin. Nestor was vegan, but not Moana, so he had only vegetable soup with bread, while she also had chicken breast. All the products came from their garden in Surrey.

At 7PM they were at AmerStuff warehouse in Seattle, where a trailer with a sealed 53-foot standard container from Costco was hooked to their semi-truck tractor. The trailer was to be delivered to the AmerStuff warehouse in San Fernando, near Los Angeles.

At 7:30PM they already were on the I-5 going south, the truck on auto-pilot.
Nowadays, in 2030, while driving in Washington State or in California, at least one driver needed to be in the cabin, but in Oregon, they both could both sleep while with the truck still driving autonomously.

During the three hours that it took the truck to reach Portland, Oregon, they worked on their tablets/laptops, mostly replying to messages but also checking some of their code.

After refueling in hydrogen in Portland, they were back on the I-5 and they both went to bed.

Around 3:30AM, shortly before entering California, Nestor was awakened by his vibrating watch. He got up silently, making sure to not waking up Moana, and went to the truck cabin, to follow the Californian regulations.

Around 7AM, Moana was awake and joined Nestor in the cabin. They had breakfast and then stopped north of Sacramento to refuel again.

At 8AM, they were back on the I-5. Nestor went back to bed for a couple of hours, while Moana stayed in the cabin.

They arrived in San Fernando around 2PM, because of a little traffic that the truck handled gracefully. There, they left the Costco trailer and hooked to their tractor a refrigerated trailer containing fresh fruits and vegetables that they were to deliver to the AmerStuff warehouse in Seattle.

The took again the I-5, going North this time. And they were back at their house the next day around 3PM.

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