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Its Showcase Sunday and I don't think I have showcased an animation. I used to do them quite regularly, mostly based off the antics that were going on on the platform at that time.

I feel that the time might be ripe for another, they do take ages though, so in the meantime have a peek at my animated response to the stuff that used to be annoying on the platform...


Not so different from now perhaps?

Thankfully, bid-botting has been quite successfully turned down a notch and with the dust threshold affecting comments, spammers no longer litter the comment sections of posts.


One of the other types of annoying spammy folk from yesteryear was the ever so polite resteem asking folk.

They used to, ever so kindly ask you if they may resteem your post...

It sounded so nice, so wonderful. Then you checked their blog and they had asked the rest of Steemit the same thing.


Hope you enjoyed these brief little things. Keep an eye out for a new one soon!


I hope I'm not one of those "shitposters." I wouldn't know how to use a bidbot if my life depended on it! What always annoyed me is the upvote beggars... "please upvote and follow my posts. I haven't seen any in a while- I guess because my VP is down right now.

You ain't!!

They are with because I think the value of steem is to low for them. Give it a bit of a rose and they will be back!!!

Thanks... your's is one of the few opinions I respect.

Lmao. Thanks for the laughs !BEER

Hehe. A pleasure man!! :0)


What a nice post, may I resteem, have a good day sir.

Oh, forgot to say that I love your animations. Keep on steeming.

Also forgot to say upvote for upvote, follow for follow.


Forget all that. I am not sure if I want you to follow me. As you have a trophy wife and I have cats. You have style and I say tomaatti. This really wouldn't work. Do not follow me home, I still have cats. And upvoting, that's pretty weird too. Who does that anymore?



I have cats!!! I love the little bastarts!!

Consider yourself followed and upvotesed and all of the things that should never be mentioned asking the gentle folk!!! :0D

Yes. Cats are awesome. They didn't make me say that.

Buuuuuut I better lock the doors just in case my cats think that you are a better provider than what I am. So that when they spot you following me, it won't turn out ugly and they start following you.

What if they join forces with mine and make us follow them?

Haven't thought of that. Better do some counter action and evasive movement. I wonder if hiding under a desc helps?
No. Apparently if you do that, it's a call sign for cats to come and sit beside you with a question mark over their heads.

Those are brilliant! hehe! So was the one you shared on the comment to me earlier. Some people just have no shame do they ;D hehehe

ps. would you mind resteeming one of my posts?

only joking hehe :)

Lol. It's funny, that's something that people rarely ask!

It was earlier that reminded me it was about time I did a new one and gave me this idea!

This is cool stuff man! It is hard to find laugh for me on steemit these days. I love animation. :)

Hey can I use that first animation as a comment on specific downvotes?

Cheers mate!!

Of course you can, you can use any that I do on downvotes!

I used to use this one



Thanks! Do you have a circle vote one too? Thinking about doby, flysky and Korean Cartels.

Man! Looks like you will be in high demand!

Hehe, I don't have a circle one but it is certainly an idea!! :0)

lol A stickman with a hammer in his ass.

Just stopping by to comment on this High Rep bloggers post.... :D

Hehe, that's done high flying high rep commenting... :0D

hehehehe... what can I say hey :D

I miss your anims! I know they take forever but really wouldn't mind more if you have topics to animate ;D

I am trying to finalize a scenario for one and then get started!

I like your animations Mr. Boom … they reminded me of my Aunt Mildred who owned a butterscotch factory in Brazil and then eventually died on a her way to Rangoon...

Ah, good old aunt Mildred. I think we all had one of them!

Ace! :)

One for the mindless comment downvoting and the rise of sbdpotato and other burns perhaps?

That was my thinking, there is actually a wealth of stuff to do one on now whereas before there was a bit of a lull!!

Plenty if you have the time to fiddle around.

Just realised I didn't even have the courtesy to ask if I could RS, how rude!

Hehe, the asking... That always cracked me up!!!

I think I will have to try. I have almost forgotten how!

that was really funny.... specially the burnt out skull face... ha ha ha

I looked the fire one the best!! :0)

Can't help but get a giggle out of that last one.

Hehe, it's one of my favourite assist from the memory of how long it took to make the fire!

I missed these animations!!!

I know, me too. Need to get my finger or and do more!

This is one of the best honestly!! I can't imagine how long it took..

Donkeys long!!! My fingers were sore after!


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Thank you very much!

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Cheers!!! :0)

nice shitpost bruh!

A bit harsh - have you any idea how long it takes to put animations together that don't like a pile of shit?

have you no humor? :D

Depends :)

Tough to read sarcasm from 3 words!

Lol he put the sarcasm in italicized way

I learned something today :)

Yeehaw to that! :0D

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Keep an eye out for a new one soon!


Hahahaha!!!! Perhaps a couple of weeks!!!


This would be a perfect place for some (M)ad man to add an ad about dry eyes.

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