Would You Rather: Be Able To Fly or Breathe Underwater


I don’t know what it is about taking a shower that activates the most creative parts of your brain, but when you stand under that stream of water, your brain goes crazy!

You get the deepest of thoughts and questions when you are taking a shower and you stand there pondering like you are going to solve all of it right there and then, but then you come out of the shower and get on with your “normal” lives.

At least that’s what happens to a lot of people, or so I am told. Anyways, in one of these deep thoughts session, I was thinking about how cool it would be to fly like birds, free from the restrictions of gravity.

Then as the water was pouring over me, I suddenly realised that it would be equally great to be able to breather underwater so that we could swim deeper and longer, just like fish! So, I wanted to ask you guys what you would choose if you were given an option to choose from the two.

Flying High


We humans build things and technology to do things that we can’t otherwise do, due to the restrictions that nature has placed on our bodies, like not being able to fly for example.

That’s why we’ve built airplanes, hot air balloons, paragliders and now looking into jetpacks even, just to be able to escape gravity and make use of the advantages that flight provides.

But imagine being able to fly on your own, like Superman or Goku. Imagine how that would make you feel, an experience that would feel like one with the wind. You could go anywhere without having to think twice.

You could also just go to the skies sometimes to escape the humdrum of life and spend time jumping in and out of the clouds and saying hello to the birds! That is why I would choose this option, even though I love the feeling of being in the water.

Swimming Deep


Who doesn’t like a dip in the ocean, am I right? There is something about being around water, at least to me, that feels so soothing and peaceful in that moment, when you let the waves take control of your body and you are just going with the flow.

Sometimes I wonder how awesome it would be to be able to breathe under water so we could remain down there for as long as we wanted and could just swim with the fish.

Right now we have many technological ways of doing so, like scuba diving, which helps us get a feel for that experience but being able to do it on your own would be something totally magical.

But even though if you could breathe under water, you probably couldn’t go very deep as there just wouldn’t be enough life for you to see around, and of course there would be dangers from the sharks and other creatures as well, which are not present when you’re flying! Anyways, I would love to hear what you would choose, if you had the choice.


Even though being able to fly might seem like the obviously better choice, I think I'd rather choose breathing underwater because if those things happened in reality, it won't be long till a random flying man is caught and kept under security for obvious reasons.

haha! That's a good point. I would just fly around near my house then!

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Thanks for this.

I'll definitely choose the ability to fly. Sea/ocean is an entirely alien realm upon entering which you lose track of the land and it is almost like venturing into the outer space. And then there are various unknown creatures lurking there, scary as hell. It's also guaranteed to be totally dark after just a few hundred metres from the surface. On the other hand sky will get dark only after sunset, there are no scary creatures flying there, you can always see the land at any time during your flight and it's so reassuring lol. So yeah, ability to fly for me.

Those are exactly the reasons I would choose flight as well. lol. This reminds me of our talks about them scary deep sea creatures haha!

Fly underwater...

Well swimming is indeed like flying underwater ;)

I would rather be able to fly. Then I would be able to travel anywhere that I wanted to all over the world. Money would not stop my ability to see everything that I want to see

I know right? I just wish there was a way to bypass the security though haha.

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