The Awesome 7 Use Of "Silica-Gel"

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In electronics products, shoe boxes, or other sensitive items from abroad, often a small packet appears on which the silica gel is written. Many of these silica gel can be used for any purpose. Although it is possible to do many things using these silica gel. Silica gel pulls moisture. And so there is no comparison of silica gel to keep any product dry.

In this article, some of the things mentioned above-

Keep the camera well:-

If the camera is kept for a long time in normal weather, its value is lost. But if you put the camera in a box or packet and put silica gel inside it, then it will be good for a long time. For this reason, sometimes silica geles will be removed and dry in the sun.

Save the mobile phone from the water:-

When the mobile phone falls into the water or the water is taken, then first remove the SIM from the mobile phone. Then put some silica gel in an airtight bowl. Keep the mobile phone in a few days. Silica bags will absorb all the water in the mobile. And the phone will also be protected from being lost.

Paper saving:-

Put some silica gel packets in place of papers. Protect the silica bag papers from insects and bacteria.

Save pictures:-

Old pictures are often damp after the fiance and dingy. Keep the silica bag in the pictures. You will see that the pictures will not be damp.

Keep the clothes dry:-

After winter, the winter clothes are kept in the cupboard for the next year. When it is taken out, there is a kind of odor in the cloth. So while keeping the winter clothes, keep two to three silica bags and fold it in the fold of the cloth. There will be no smell on the cloth.

Razor stability increase:-

Razor may be rusted for a long time. So keep the razor in a container with some silica gel bags. And do not rust.

Maintain the quality of the jewelry:-

Jolus loses a variety of jewelry for a few days. But if you keep these silica gel in a closed container, then you will be good for a long time.