Silicon Valley's Decentralize Internet, The Big Picture.

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Last month aired the last episode of season 5, HBO's Silicon Valley a comedy TV series that about programmers and engineers about their Information Technology (IT) projects and their adventure to make it online. I've followed this TV series since 2015 and I admit I'm hooked because of their humorous adaptation about the IT world. A lot of changes since from the beginning to the last episode of season 5 especially in their projects. So let's dug it down.

The First Project: File Compression Application

At first, Richard Henricks the main character is a a college dropout and ex-coder at tech giant Hooli, Richard quits his job to pursue his Pied Piper compression application. The company initially starts out as a simple data compression platform then many obstacle has been in their way through like changing their investor every time. On season 2 the file compression application was adopted to video-chat that Dinesh piloted but in the end comes into the hand of Gavin Belson the CEO of Hooli where richards former company with some child trafficking case around it.

The Second Project: Decentralized Internet

In the mist of giving up the file compression application to Gavin, Richard has a new idea regarding to a new way of new internet. A decentralized internet that has no server and no centralized individual can controlling it even the big companies.

The Third Project: Piper Coin

Before the end of season 5, Gilfoyle introduces a new idea to Richard about making their own cryptocurrency the Piper Coin is this the reason of Laurie Bream their investor wants to sell ads in their decentralized internet that Richard's mainly did not want because marketers will have control to the decentralized network that Richard main objective is to became totally free.

The end of the last episode in season 5, was the Pipe Piper was moving to a larger business offices that have 3 bigger floor and can accommodate thousands of employees by Monica's as the head of their ICO.

The Bigger Picture: Reality in Fiction

We all know that it is only a TV show but we don't know is the tech on this TV show is real and if we look more deeper all happening on the show is happening and more will happen in real life. Let me explained, The decentralized internet is not a fiction it is a proposed system since 2013 to adopted for the reason of personal information privacy.

The difference between our present internet vs the decentrelized internet are the centralized internet has a middle man, the servers that holds and relay our information before comes to other ends, while the decentralized internet will use a peer to peer network which means the connection is from person to person and it will cut out the servers. So, monitoring of our information will not be takes hold.

The Piper coin, I hope you already heard about cryptocurrency especially the Bitcoin? The Piper coin in the TV series is like a Bitcoin a cryptocurrency that runs from a tech called Blockchain. Blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography.

Decentralized Internet and Blockchain are have same technology called neural network, neural network is a series of algorithms that attempts to identify underlying relationships in a set of data by using a process that mimics the way the human brain operates. Neural networks have the ability to adapt to changing input so the network produces the best possible result without the need to redesign the output criteria. The concept of neural networks is rapidly increasing in popularity in the area of developing trading systems.

So it means that the TV series has a huge gasp of our reality because it can depict what will happen next in our world. If you have some suggestion regarding on this topic let me know.

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