GOLD and SILVER are SHOOTING UP /// Holy Smokes Batman /// Gold up $18.50 and SILVER up .36 Cents

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Yowwza - Gold and Silver are rocketing up and this is a great thing. I can tell September is just around the corner. I am predicting the precious metals are going to have a great month coming up. Today's action tells me that we are poised for a bright future ahead.


Gold is currently now over the $1,300 level. Trading at $1,310. SILVER is currently at $17.51. Now that's what I'm talking about. The fundamentals are all there. Stock market is on edge, oil production looks like its going to be cut due to an over supply in the system. Gold and Silver are NEVER in over supply (except paper derivatives).


Hold on to your seats folks, things are about to get fun. Will the Comex finally let the Precious Metals out of the starting gate? If/When they do, then people will be stunned at the metals rise. Buy now is always my slogan. Any Silver Bullion under $20 is a STAR in my book. Good Luck and congrats to all metals holders. Cheers.

Article by me, @crowe on Steemit

(All images off of google imaging in the precious metals search)


dude! excellent :) i think that precious metals are going to make a huge comeback! you think this month will be the month where she goes eh!!!
man look at UNO!!! craaaaaazy

I hope so. I'm just watching the World in all of its turmoil. Especially watching the U.S. Gov. They are looking to raise the debt limit again. That will be the kindling for a serious Fire.

i read that too man... scary scary stuff... joe roagns podcast wirh peter Schiff, episode 1002 they talk about alooooot if juicy info. best one by joe ive heard yet, could be worth checking out if u havnt already

I'll check it out. Thanks. I really enjoy listening to the gold/silver speakers out there. My favorite channel is probably SGT Report, along with X22 Report. Cheers.

Found it here. Watching it now. Thanks again. Cheers.

Beauty of a show. I listened to it 3 times lol!!
Sgt report and X22 report eh, I will check them out. I never was into the gold and metals scene to much (everything but and I really dont know why) but I know I am going to start paying some serious attention!!
I have the month of September off so i'm going to some serious studying :D

Still going up, 3 hours later. Keep Stacking.

I believe the flood in Texas plays a big role to the price of gold and silver...prayers to them, but I do really up the only way is up now for precious metals and that we just experienced the bottom this pass months...GREAT POST...UPVOTED AND RESTEEMED

You are probably right about the flood. Funny how when things get so bad people seem to always turn to gold and silver. Thanks for the vote and Resteem. Cheers.

What implications does this have for the US dollar? Would love love to see if your predictions play out.

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The Dollar is currently at 92.22 . Going down a little more today. One day the dollar will be toast. However the U.S. Dollar will probably be the last to get smashed before the True rise in Precious Metals. My opinion. I am now following your blog. Cheers.

I hope this is the start of a big climb in metal value, seems like they're having a harder time trying to suppress the price using the paper markets! It's about time we got a little momentum going

I totally agree. Its sickening how they are allowed to get away with paper derivatives. Disgusted with the Comex for sure. Hopefully the metals will ride up soon. We shall see. Good Luck to us all.

just wait until things start collapsing, then metals will sooooooore 😁

Haha the financial collapse is the most anticipated event of my life

😂😂😂 Such a wicked thing to be rooting for cos it is going to cause mass chaos and panic IMO.... but I am in the same boat... lets gooo

We're bad men 😂

I very cautiously bought on Friday. This post is now making me wanna buy some more! (Love the pic of the bars.)

This a great post, thanks for taking the time to post this up. Thats me up to speed with things again.