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I'm still thanking the Comex and powers to be for giving us all the opportunity to continue purchasing Silver. Silver may look to be a Joke, but when it finally will sky rocket then its all she wrote. When Silver does sky rocket it means that the Gold price will finally go to its natural trading value. The only thing I can think of as to why Silver is being held down by our friends at the Comex/Int Banks is due to our friend the "Almighty Dollar". When Silver and Gold finally vault higher there really is no use trading it for paper currency. All this is headed for one goal. Simple transition from fiat to digital currency. We don't know what digital currency will be in play when this happens but rest assured, the Federal Reserve has one in mind.

When researching crypto the thing to look for in the dark closets is if the Federal Reserve pops up to any known name of any crypto currency. This will probably be the replacement to the dollar. That's what I'll be looking to buy into when Silver finally bolts higher.

Its been awhile since I've posted but once a silver bug always a silver bug. I'll always have some on hand even when this ridiculous new currency (digital garbage) comes into play. Keep following the money. Silver, currently is truly the best play out there. Cheers.


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