J.F.K. Part 1

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Who Runs The world?


Maybe that is what President Kennedy was thinking in this photo, or maybe He already knew.


Born May 29th 1917
Died November 22 1963

Born in Brookline Massachusetts, the Grandson of 2 very wealthy and prominent Irish Catholic Boston Familes. You had the Kennedy's and the Fitzgerald's.


Grandpa Kennedy

He was a wealthy banker and Liquor store owner. He made most of his money in the private sector of banking back when Banks did not operate under the Federal Reserve or the Central Banks.

Grandpa Fitzgerald

He was a skilled politician that new the ins and outs of the United States Government. This was back in the early years when corruption was small and basically unheard of.



IN May of 1940 John F. Kennedy graduated from Harvard University. Kennedy spent a short period of time as a journalist soon there after he would start his political career.


Kennedy was elected into the House of Representatives in 1953 and served to 1961.



In 1953 Kennedy traded in his House of Representatives hat and started his US Senator stage. He served a US Senator till 1961.


IN 1961 One of Kennedy's dream came true, he was elected to be the 35th President of the United States. He was the Youngest President ever elected and was the first Roman Catholic to serve in the Oval Office.


If you think about it John F. Kennedy was destined to be President, being a Fitzgerald and a Kennedy he was a very knowledgeable President.

Now Kennedy was aware of the corruption and the DEEP state. His vision was to keep government out of everyday things which totally went against the Deep State. Kennedy also was very much aware and knowledgeable of the banking system. He knew that central banks and the Federal Reserve would never benefit the American People.


June 4th 1963 is when the plan started, once the Executive order was signed it would give the United States Treasury the ability to print its own paper currency known as the Silver Certificate.


The EO 11110 would allow the US Treasury to print silver certificates that were back buy silver. Well you can only imagine that the Federal Reserve was not happy about this and knew that this could be the end of the Worlds Central Banks and Federal Reserve. This order was a small step in taking back control of our debt and currency. Seeing is how the Silver Certificate would be backed by silver this would take the debt out of the currency. The Silver Certificates were printed and issued into circulation.

6 Months

It was a little under 6 months before the deep state made a decision that would change the direction of the world. November 21st was the day before the plan would come to a stop. On November 22nd 1963 John F Kennedy was assassinated. Within 3 months all of the Silver Certificate where pulled and destroyed.

Now I do not want to get into a list of conspiracy theories, but isnt it kinda weird that Kennedy took the first step to dismantle the Federal Reserve and was assassinated before he could witness the outcome of his Executive Order.

Now EO 11110 is still an active order, why hasn't any President since Kennedy told the treasury to start printing? Why, maybe the assasination of President Kennedy was a warning to all future Presidents.

More to come in part 2.

Thanks for stopping by!



Well, even if they find Satoahi Nakamoto they can’t turn off bitcoin...

Very true, brother!!!!

It won't be turned off, but it will become "obsolete"...

August 10, 2019... 13.2 Hollywood Time...

The U.S. Monetary Reset alone will bring BitCoin to about !00.00 in U.S. Coinage...

August 10, 2019... 13.3 Hollywood Time...

I remember my dad having a couple of the the silver dollar certificates! I wonder if my mom still has them laying around somewhere!

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I still have one of Kennedy's Five Dollar, United States Note with the Red Seal...

John F. Kennedy was the First President, I ever saw in Person...

August 8, 2019... 21.8 Hollywood Time...

The Truth is that I was Born in the Present, and that’s where I’ve been, ever since... In the Present...
August 9, 2019... 2.5 Hollywood Time...

That's a star note too so it is worth even more!

Thanks for the history lesson.

Very interesting. Those are "revelations" for me... as always, I am clueless about these things.

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