Weekend Recap

HI friends,

I had a good weekend and hope each of you did as well.

It was a relaxing weekend for me - the kids went to the grandparents on Friday night and came back on Sunday morning. This meant a lot of quality time for my wife and I and we took advantage of the downtime.

On Friday night, we went for a run together before coming home for a steak and wine dinner. After sleeping in on Saturday, we did a few things around town before going out to sushi for dinner and then a brewery for drinks. On Sunday morning, I found time to pan through some sluice box concentrates and added a little bit of fine flakes to a vial of gold:


Here is a steak shot:


The kids had a great time and we played a lot on Sunday afternoon so it was a good weekend for everyone!

Thanks for coming by,


Sounds like an amazing weekend! That food and that gold look awesome! haha :)

Thanks! Glad you came by!

Hari yang menyenangkan @brian.rrr

Best to you as well!

Enjoy with the family. And be safe.

Thanks! Appreciate that!

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