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The 1999, £2 coin

It's true that my love for all things shiny and silver, began long before I knew how valuable silver was.... Even as a little kid, I was fascinated by all the post-decimalisation, UK coin designs that were just floating around in my pocket change. It wasn't till much later in life that I realised that some of those designs, simply due to their collectors value: low mintage or amazing designs, we're worth far more than the face value of the coin's themselves.

In today's blog, I'm going to share with you the designs of major UK denomination coins that have been passed in to circulation since 1971 and decimalisation. But here's the twist, since yesterday was St David's day, I'm only goi g to be showing off coins that have had specific Welsh designs or have represented something to do with Wales.


Over the years, the £1 coin has had many many many different designs, and 5 have included things and/or items depicting Welsh life.

  • The leek and Crown of the Prince of wales
  • the Welsh dragon
  • the Menai Bridge (crossing mainland Wales to Ynys Mon)
  • Cardiff the capital city
  • A daffodil and Leek - both Welsh symbols.

Which is your favourite?

I'll do a more in depth post on the different £1 that have made it in to circulation, but for today, I'm just giving you a quick overview of what's out there to still be collected.

The 2002, Wales Commonwealth Games coin

I'm 2002 when the UK hosted the commonwealth games, each country of the UK had a separate £2 coin design made to enter circulation. The Northern Irish coin being the most scare and sort after, closely rolled by the Welsh. This coin has become one of the "Holly-grail" of collectors coins here in the UK, and can fetch 20X face value....


Not only did all these coins get put into circulation, but gold and silver versions were made. I never did buy any of these when they were first released, but I do plan on finding them and picking up the silver versions (just for patriotic reason)

It's also easy to see how, just simply having an interest in coins can lead you down the path to becomi g a precious metals junky... And if you would like to know more, please don't hesitate and reach out to any member of the #silvergoldstackers community, here on the blockchain.

Want to find out more about gold and silver? Get the latest news, guides and information by following the best community on the blockchain - #silvergoldstackers. We're a group of like minded precious metal stackers that love to chat, share ideas and spread the word about the benefits of "stacking". Please feel free to leave a comment below or join us in the community page, or on discord.


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This is the first I have seen these Welsh coins...I like them all, but I will go with the Welsh dragon, I think just because it reminds me of a Sovereign!😇

Tell us more my friend!!😀

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