Roadtrip to Berlin to shoot the Steemit Film!

Some of you have asked me why I wasn't active on Steemit the last few days.

The reason is that I was shooting the Steemit promo Film!

The final result will be released in November so I don't want to give away too much - but until then, I can share some other parts of my trip with you. 

So me, @mrs.steemit @soldier and @agent started our roadtrip to Berlin, which is a little over 3 hours away. 

Every road trip consists of some good (loud) music, snacks, and of course also some breaks along the road.

The weather was nice and the sun was out, so we decided to get some fresh air and have a look around!

Germany doesn't only consist of cities, we also have lots of agriculture and fields, especially in the middle of nowhere along the highway. 

Since we were going to perform a dance for the Steemit film, we also used that time to rehearse for ourselves.

That evening, we arrived in Berlin, and the video shoot was set for the next day - but I don't want to give away too much! There will be more stories coming from this trip so stay tuned ...

Steemit offers so many opportunities, and this has been the 3rd time now that I have traveled around the country for Steemit.
I really enjoy it and am looking forward to the future of Steemit!

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a commercial steemit video sounds awesome!
and thats cool how the actors are actually real steemit users. I'm sure it will turn out great!
cool post and nice gifs, I especially like the first pic with the sun

thank you, glad you like the idea and the post.
yes that first picture was a lucky snapshot!

Here is one picture from our shooting yesterday. Stay tuned for more!

Picture by Sven Fackler

It is always so nice to travel with you and your hummer. Its the best car for roadtrips and the sound in it was crazyyy. Had a lot of fun gaming around with your phantom 4 and stopping at nice nature locations !!! Looking forward to many more roadtrips with you ;)

it's cool how steemit offers so many opportunities, brings people together and makes them travel

yes, and it has even changed some people's lives and given them the opportunity to quit their day job! so awesome!

so excited for the video, steemit really needs some promo footage and I'm sure the dancing part will be awesome!

thank you, the project is a great idea and I'm looking forward to seeing the final result as well !

I was excited to hear about this and was hoping to provide some Epic Steemit Gear for the project but it was to short notice.
Maybe next time. I am sure this will be a success with our Steemit SuperStar involved!

thank you for the compliment :)
yes that would've been awesome, maybe next time!

Yea, I will probably see you guys at SteemFest atleast!

there will be a steemit commercial ?!? didn't even know that, that's awesome!

definitely, I'm sure it will turn out great!

I really like those gifs, looks like you're having lots of fun with your drone :D

it's addicting and very fun :D

being you must be awesome - always up to something exciting!

amazing car, I'd love to own a Hummer myself one day.

it's really a great car with lots of features and benefits.

Berlin is an awesome place, so lively and fun, and the people are very ice. I'm sure you had a great time on your trip

that's true, it's a very lively city!

looking forward to the final result! and the dancing of course ;)

I'm excited to see the final edit as well!

Welcome to drone world!

awesome shot!
the drone world is very fun :)

Great project!

Heading there myself in November, have fun.

I'm sure you'll have a great time as well!

Love the hummer .

Great story any i antisipate the realease of the film , hope you stay blessed in the meantime .

Looks like fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the video.

your drone footage is so awesome, I really want one as well!!

it's a great investment, and lots of fun!

Cool car and good idea to make a film for Steemit. I will follow you and look forward for your premiere...

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