Finally Going Skiing This Winter

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It's kind of crazy that I'm not clear until March but whatever. Everything has been delayed back so much from 2020. We got a late start on Baseball and played August - October 18th. Then we have had this crypto surge that I have been focused on. You have to get those gains while they are hot!

I was going to go in January but it didn't end up happening. Now my plan is to get my ski legs back in Michigan and probably take a quick trip out West to hit the end of the season.

Have any of you guys been doing a lot of skiing this season?


That up in Michigan? I went out to Chestnut Mountain a few weeks back. Would like to get out at least once more before it warms up, weathers kinda crazy though it was 60 today here

Yeah We are planning on Going to Bittersweet on Friday and Saturday. It is North of Kalamazoo. Do you want to go too or meet up with us one of those days?

Lemme know next time your going. I have my gf's bday this weekend but I'd love to get out again before winters over.

Awesome! For sure. We are going to try to go up again or go out West.

I wished that I could even skii @brianphobos
I recommend that you do it whilst your bones are still young LOL :D

Yeah, I have to be thankful and get out there.

I haven't been skiing in 35 years lol

You could get back out there! Just get high and fly!

Have fun on the slopes!! I haven't been skiing in ages, the last time I went was in 2002 in college, and broke my leg. LOL I broke my collarbone snowboarding a few years before that, same set of friends too! lol

Oh man.... dude that sucks. I certainly don't need an injury like that.

hahaha yeah, I don't recommend it!

Wow! Lucky you! Skiing on snow!

Here, it’s too hot and dry! But you could do water skiing. But it isn’t fashionable nowadays.

Have fun!

it is funny how different sports that are similar go in and out of style. Here on the Lakes it is all about Wake Surfing. It's a ton of fun. There are even less Wakeboarders now.

Yup! Those shops selling water skiing gears are all gone!!

We used to downhill ski all the time up here in Quebec, but the kids lost interest ... so we switched to cross country and snow shoes... much safer. Now we go on outdoor winter camping adventures... that is fun. Can have a few beers without worrying about running into a tree.

Are you guys still on hardcore lockdown up there? I follow a YouTuber from Montreal and they can't go outside after 8 except to walk dogs and then there was a big controversy about quarantining kids by themselves for 14 days or something.

This is off subject but do you ever go watch the or the

They Were in the CanAm League which now merged with the Frontier League.

Maybe in Montreal..... but here in Ontario everything has opened up again.

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