Russian Drone Company's SkyWay 'Bike'

in #sky-bike3 years ago

Russian drone company Hobar Serve has discovered a drone that looks like a bike. On which it can fly in the sky. Already Dubai Police is using this bike in their police force.

According to international media, this Russian company has developed various types of drones. Recently they developed this 'Hobber Bike' drone. Among them, it is the latest version of 'Scorpion 3'

Quat-cutter technology used in the bikes Its weight is 104 kg Which can take you to a height of more than 20 feet.

The electric bike runs at 43 kilometers per hour. The maximum itself can reach 33 feet. Once you charge 40 minutes to skip the sky is possible.

It takes three hours to charge the battery. Software developers have developed two types of software for this bike. One manual is automatic.

It's called an Extreme Sports Vehicle. This bike is available at a price of $ 59,000. But commercial exports have not started yet.

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