What color is our sky?

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When we were children, we often imagined that this blue sky could be touched if a few steps were placed. But later it came to know that this blue sky is just air, it cannot be touched.

Many things related to the sky give us a surprise as if the sky has no color of its own, rather it is colorless.


Whenever we look at the sky, the mind becomes happy seeing its blue color. But why this endless sky is blue is also a question that arises in the mind.

As we know, air has no color, and if we talk about the sky, it is the atmosphere, which is a mixture of different types of gases.


The blue color of the sky adds to the beauty of nature. To keep this sky looking clean, it is important that air pollution is minimized so that we can see the beauty of blue amber.

If we talk about the sky being blue, then it is also associated with sunlight. When light enters the atmosphere, it is divided into many colors, such as green, red, purple, blue, yellow, orange and purple.


Out of all these colors, blue and purple color can spread very fast. Therefore, both these colors spread throughout the sky.

But even in these two, we will not see purple color instead of blue only, which is why our eyes are not as sensitive to purple color as blue.

Therefore, we see only blue color in the whole sky, and red color appears in the evening.


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