You want to get straight up schooled on what your brain does when you sleep\what sleep deprivation does to you? You're in luck!

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Do you usually get enough sleep?

How much do you usually sleep? Is it hit and miss? Always scraping by with just a couple hours? Well if you're lacking, you're probably doing a ton of damage to yourself. Myself included, I usually have some weird sleep hours; most of the time not enough, that's FOR SURE. Most of us are just slowly dying. BUT, its never too late to change that. Turns out what matters the most it what kind of sleep you get instead of how long.

For all the night shifters -

I remember reading somewhere that, your chances of getting every type of Cancer increases by 50%. Some fact check me. Lol

Sleep Can Repair Your Brain, But Only If You’re Doing It Right

What Sleep Deprivation Does To Your Body


Maybe you heard about the experiment... In 1963, Randy Gardner, an 18-year-old high school student who had not slept for exactly 11 days, was scientifically registered and Included in the Guinness book of world records. On the second day without sleep he felt dispersion attention, on the third – a strong fatigue and irritability. On the fourth day Gardner began hallucinating: it seemed to him that he was a black footballer Paul Lau, he saw a man instead of a road sign. On the fifth day, the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease appeared. Later, the representatives of the Guinness Book refused to register such records, because they were recognized as harmful to health.

I have heard about that one. I couldn't imagine what that would feel like!! I' know that went to extremes to keep the poor guy awake. Haha Thanks for the comment!

I have been sleep deprived for my entire 32 years on this planet. Even when I was 8 years old, I remember staying up all night listing to Art Bell.

RIP Art Bell

Man, something has to give eventually. Lol Damn!!!! Wasn't aware of his passing....I loved coast to coast.

R.I.P Art Bell!!!

Quality over quantity especially when it comes to sleep is right. And aside from the ones mentioned in the 1st video, I also think one great way to increase the quality of sleep is to create a quality sleep-friendly environment - dimmed room, comfy bed, and breathing in some relaxing oils (e.g. lavender). This combo works best for me, and I believe it will too for others.

If we're always stressed and busy during the day, I think we deserve total peace and a great sleep at night. 🙂

Anyone one who took this approach would be doing themselves a huge favor. Coming at it from multiple angles will increase the quality. We all deserve more than what we probably give ourselves. lol

Thanks for the comment!

By the way, having enough oxygen in the room plays an important part of a quality sleep, too! I forgot to point this out yesterday, but good thing I remembered it now. 😃

In my experience, I feel like the oxygen in my room isn't enough when I feel some sort of a "deafening silence" in the atmosphere, and like I am sinking or something. Also, sometimes when the oxygen isn't enough, I'm having nightmares.

So I guess for everyone who gets to read this, make sure there's enough air flowing inside the room.

Have a great day!

People's brains are too busy now. Life, financial problems, workload and many other problems make people think constantly. it was a good video for the solution. Thank you.

Agreed! We just need to settle down and take a fuckin break! haha

I sleep less already the biggest part of my life. Simply because I am always in pain. So I am always tired. They proved women and children who sleep at least 10 hours a day are way less overweighted.

Do you take prescribed pain medication? If so, try taking it before you lay down. Maybe it will help.

No I take nothing since they do not help me anyway. Just prednisone. But I will remember your tip.

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Thank you! I'm flattered!

Haha. And i taught i was the only one who's been thinking about this issue in my day to day routine . I saw it in the hot list and said "Hmm , this must be interesting" , and i entered it . Short but qualitiy . Thanks . I appreciate

Thanks! I'm glad you found it interesting and potentially beneficial.

school time is so boring for me.

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Set a goal and work toward it! You need that shit desperately. Lol

I'm at work right now and it's currently 10:50pm (manila time). I work at night as a call center agent. It's just my break time today that's why I was able to check out this post. I'll watch this post tomorrow morning after going out at work. maybe I can learn something. I'm following you now. thanks for sharing this!:-)

I feel like I never get enough sleep! Lol. Thanks for sharing this awesome information!