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It's prince rich with rich technology group and we are hemp gel so ready for the poly ccx series iphones so this is going to be a really short one because this video honestly is just hype that and it's just me complaining that i haven't been able to get my hands on one of these new polycoms because they're so different than the previous ones so a little bit of backstory here for those of you who may or may not know um we work with pretty much all of the voiceover ip service providers on a regular daily basis to help customers figure out what business phone system service provider and solutions i.e service iphones and in some cases even headsets makes the most sense for their business so as you know we pretty much see pretty much everything that's you know what's hot and what's not in the hardware world in regards to voiceover ip so to take it even a step further you and you may or may not know for the voip awards which is a rich technology group event the polycom 250 actually won best ip phone for the voip awards 2021. um while it's probably not the most feature-rich phone out of all the polycom phones that we've laid eyes on or put our hands on or helped clients adopt it is probably one of the most sought after because of its small footprint.

You know it's low cost you know it very very low entry level cost and then to make you know to make it even better a lot of voiceover ip service providers give the phone away for free you know with new service or whatever now while that phone is cool and there's a lot of other cool you know polycom phones out there like the vvx 350 which i've got sitting over here on the shelf and even the vvx 550 with the expansion module the ccx is something else totally different in a class of its own it is basically the way that i described it to somebody when i was talking to them the other day just a giant touch screen let's see if i can find you guys a bigger picture here here we go it's basically just a giant touch screen with a speakerphone now couple of reasons why this excites me here three reasons number one this is totally different this is like next level next generation stuff not only just from poly but in general in the iphone space number two.

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It's a touchscreen it has no buttons on it there looks like there's like a speakerphone button here and then there's maybe like a volume up and down button here but i don't think these are really buttons i think they're like touch sensitivity like slimming gel things but there's no buttons on this thing the other thing is is look at the speaker on this bad boy and this is how they all look for those of you who may or may not know poly has always been known for having some of the best hd voice on the market you know i've been known to say in many of my videos that the speakerphone quality on it is so good that it sounds like the person that's on speaker is sitting in the room next to you like on the corner of your desk and that really is typically the case so i can only imagine what the speakers on this sound like because it looks bigger better it looks like it's got a higher definition i can't wait we've been trying to get our hands on these for a while um for those of you who are frequent in the channel you know that we have a very good relationship with voip supply who pretty much is kind of the end-all