Hemp Gel For Pain

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particular yeah that's more powerful than that and i just want to tell y'all barb's book getting baked is full of so many wonderful healthy inspirational tips that are easy for you to do and I highly recommend hemp gel and as we close the show today I'm going to put all her links below and i i really think that all of us will benefit from her wonderful book and barb would you come on my show again when one day really soon and uh expand on some of these topics that we weren't able to really expand on today absolutely you are a joy and what you bring to your audience is amazing i'd be happy I'm honored to be here again talk to everybody and hopefully bring a little bit uh extra i come on anytime sustainable living I'm up for that any day we'll uh we'll have fun talking so if anybody needs to get a hold of me they could go it's barb Webb and her last name is web.

She's on all social media she's Twitter facebook Instagram youtube Pinterest and LinkedIn and so um thank you uh and i'm just honored that you are here and i can't wait to have you back on to share more pearls of wisdom about uh your beautiful rural life out in the country and how healthy that can be for all of us i just want to absorb it from you right now [Laughter] well wonderful we will be in touch and for all the listeners out there barbie and i just wanted to say that we are honored for you to share this time with us today and we hope that you always add that main ingredient into all your dishes and that main ingredient always love [Laughter] yes so thank you and we'll be back all right and there's our our medical disclaimer because we're talking about health and natural ingredients from god so thank you barb and look forward to next time thank you so much have a beautiful weekend and everybody be well

Hemp Products Every Day for Pain Relief

Everybody to our may call this is called inflammation the root of pain and we just want to thank you for being on live with us hello to anybody who's catching the recording of this i would encourage you to take notes as we are going um you can put your questions in the chat box if you have them um we'll work hard to get them answered in there we will be sharing some recipes and some things as we go and we do our best to put them in the chat box which you can save if you want to or um we also post them with the recording of this in fierce oilers so be sure to watch for that there as well we're going to spend the next 30 minutes talking about doterra oils. And slimming gel that support a healthy inflammatory response we've broken it up into two categories i love categories topical support and internal support to help you like categorize the different ways you can support your body in this way and i just want to say that our inflammatory response is such a gift it's an amazing thing it's created in an amazing way it does wonderful things it's very important to how our bodies work into our well-being but when it goes on and on and on right chronic inflammation it really can wreak havoc on our entire body um pain is a very obvious like result of chronic