Slimming Gel For Pain Relief

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Practice income creates you will create a competitive edge and you can upsell massage treatments and you can you may want to consider hemp gel retail opportunities i have a massage therapist here in maine and she um she does all of my um product sampling for me and she even in the middle of nowhere has made quite a bit of money working with cbd massage because it really works products what to look for on the cbd product labels active versus non-active ingredients so when i went down the cbd road.

Hemp Gel Will Help Relax Your Muscles

You were unable to buy a cbd oil with non-active ingredients active ingredients would be ingredients like menthol or lidocaine those are the ingredients that cool the skin non-active ingredients would be more natural ingredients like jojoba oil and arnica um you know all of your basic natural ingredients so when you choose a product obviously when you do a full body massage you want non-active ingredients nobody wants to be massaged with um lidocaine or menthol that just does not feel good when you work on when you want to do a targeted cbd massage for painfully so biotone has some great product all i've had my massage therapist who does all my practice treatment protocols and all my product reviews for me she loves all of them she loves the oil and she loves the bomb next slide danielle marketing so what do people want several that targeted um sleep inflammation sports stress and then what we did was we created separate a whole separate marketing um program so instead of just throwing cbd onto your menu of services we created an entire separate menu of services for cbd.

Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis and slimming gel

Because there is just so much information and people want to know people have a lot of questions so i would suggest that you do a lot of research and create maybe your own little booklet or a rack card and make sure you include different protocols so for example you want to include your full body cbd massage treatment and talk about stress relief and relaxation and then you want to create your pain relief protocols you want to have your informational handouts and you also want to give them information for tips at home people people want to use products that are natural and what i found is that lots of people don't like active ingredients so even with a non-active ingredient cbd product people can get pain relief so you don't really need the menthol or the lidocaine um you know to to relieve pain although those are very good very good products and they do boost um they do boost the um the rehab via tone has created a couple of really great slimming gel treatment protocols so i would suggest you you you might start with something like this so you would uh simply purchase the product and then practice on a family member this is all written out step by step they do a great job talking about it letting you know how much to use how to position the client so for example if we look at um number four squeeze a dime size amount of lab blends that's good information right because you don't know how much to use so that's what i love about biotone