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When we talk about other hemp gel, and I will tell you the reason I got into this in the very first place long ago and far away, was I was doing a range of studies in patients with bipolar disorder. And what I noticed was, patients with bipolar disorder use cannabis at a disproportionately high rate it seemed. In fact, it's the second most commonly used substance if you have bipolar disorder. And I would ask our patients, I'm just curious, why do you use it? And I heard this, you know when I'm feeling depressed or down, I take a hit or two and somehow, I don't know, I feel better, I get this lift. On the other side, I heard patients who would say, yup, if I feel like I'm cycling towards mania, I'd take a hit or two and I feel chill. So I didn't know necessarily, that there was anything else out there that would give you that range, sort of opposite end of the spectrum type effect.

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And that was one of the things that was most intriguing to me about this. Much of that likely has to do with "what's in your weed." What are the constituents in the hemp gel you're using? And one of the areas of interest that we're so invested in exploring is how can we improve the quality of life of our patients who are using cannabis? I mean, it's a misnomer to say, well, you know all of our colleagues, my psychiatrist try and say, it's great but none of my patients are using it. I asked them, they say no. And I always say, do they say no because they don't want to tell you or do they say no, because they're not using it. And we've had scenarios where we recruit folks and we recruit them into the control group because they're not cannabis using, and then within 30 seconds, I say, so have you ever tried it? Well, I mean, I don't use it a lot. Maybe, not that often once, twice a week, not maybe three.

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Okay, maybe four times. And all of a sudden you know you're off to the races. So I think people use it for lots of different things. I don't know that we have enough at this point to say that it is absolutely clearly helpful for this particular indication or that indication with regards to psychiatry. I think most people are more concerned with the potential detrimental effects of being exposed, especially given the proliferation of high THC slimming gel on the market. Does that mean it's not helpful for people with mood disorder? No, not necessarily. Does it mean it's not helpful for people with any range of things, PTSD for example, it's very, very common. No. Right now the evidence suggests we need more data, and I couldn't agree more. - Could you talk about if there's been anything proven scientifically about the connection between marijuana use and the onset of psychosis? - Sure, so this is another area that's incredibly important and there's been a number of publications that have highlighted the association between cannabis use and psychotic disorders or psychotic symptoms. And that's very, very important because the very last thing anybody would want to do is exacerbate a system that's already in place or to make something that is really pretty uncomfortable or absolutely not what we want, worse. We don't want that. There've been a number of studies that have published a finding suggesting that higher potency products, like higher potency slimming gel with higher amounts of THC are more likely to exacerbate psychotic symptoms, or in fact, perhaps create psychotic symptoms.