My Simple Artwork 2D With Pen Cover

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Hmm... hello everyone, unlimited creativity greetings :)
Long time no see you great steemian, welcome back to the most creative blog in Indonesia :DD

On this day I will return to work, which is to make artwork with a 2D object and sketch, I will imagine with a pen cover.

What do you think if you see the pupen cover? don't think about anything?
hmmm... but in my hands close the pen will be a simple and creative artwork (others say) hahahah :D

Well, without writing long, I will display 10 of my simple artworks that I have blended with 2-dimensional sketches, I made this artwork manually, then I shot it from the top with my mobile camera. Listen below, hope you like and be entertained :)


This is a pen and close the pen, maybe you also already know :'D

And then I just took the pen cover to imagine it.


As you can see in the first photo above, do you like kangaroos?

And then I saw that the pen cover was like a helicopter flying, do you agree?

Hmmm... do you know what this is? this is a MOAI statue, if you don't understand, please gogling :DD

Do you have dogs? heheh

And sometimes I see the pen cover like a snow jet ski.

Or a hungry horse?

Have you ever done this scene? if you ever do it, you are not alone, because of me too, LOL :DD

My imagination also says that the pen cover is like a train above a cliff.

Hmm... are you a soldier?

And this is the last, are you a procrastinator?

Hmmm... how do you respond to my simple artwork with a pen cover above? which one do you like? please comment below. Thank you for coming to my simple artwork, hopefully this is fun for all of you great seteemians, see you in my next simple art work :)


Once again @febrirmd, home run sir. Great job! Happy Friday.

Thank you very much @dandays, hopefully my artwork will be fun again for you :)

Tq kak Sitti, hehe ^^

Its amazing :)

Thank you brother, greetings :)

You are most welcome bro! :)

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

You are so inspirational, I love your worldly perspective. Going through your entire post I could feel my smile get bigger. Great job, your creativity is unparalleled.

I'm glad you smiled because of my simple artwork, thank you for coming, greetings :)

Kreatif ga ada matinya, kakak suka dengan semua karya adek @febrirmd, karya yang selalu memberi warna cerah di steemit, salam sukses selalu untuk adek, ga sabar liat gambar berikutnya.. 😄

Yuhuu... tq kak, sukses jg buat kak Rika ya,
aamiin ^^

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