Rare cars #2: the Mgb connection

in #slothicorn2 years ago

Well well well.. things are getting more and more interesting.

While I was sketching this 1963 mgb


An old man with a hat came to my place, gave me his business card and he said:

“Call me tomorrow, I want you to draw in my private garage”

His name is Byron and he is running a non profit greek collection cars organization.

He stands as a man from another century, somewhere between the XIX and the early XX, extremely educated and with an iron passion with the collection cars.

I went to his garage, and I could not believe what I saw. The garage was as clean as a surgery room in a Swiss hospital. Then my eyes where attracted by this rare rare Maserati:

He is repairing it, making all the necessary pieces hand made with a 3D printer sometimes.



Once repaired, this Maserati is going to be sold to Dutch car brokers, starting at a bidding price over a million dollars.

Today I have to return to Byron’s garage, I am sure that new surprises are waiting for me.

Stay tunned to this account and have fun!


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Looks like he brought you to his treasure room ^_^.
Tell us more about this adventure and certainly draw more cars :).

Thank you scrawly !

Oh man, a gorgeous car ! Very lovely drawing :D

And that old man's super passionate about his vehicles * ___ * that old maserati has such a beautiful body * ___ * Amazing garage!!!

Thank you @veryspider, curved sketching opens me the gates of incredible surprises. Keep on sketching!

Hey, @javier.dejuan.

First off, that's a real cool drawing of the 1963 MGB. Very nice. The car is retro and so is the art—it fits like a glove.

So, this guy just walks into your place? You must have a gallery or some kind of public shop, right? He must have known who you were, or referred to you by someone?

And then, holy cow, a rare Maserati? Must be from the late 50s early 60s? I've counted a few times now, but does that engine have 14 cylinders? If so, that's the most I've ever seen in a car. And it's pretty compact, so it's MPH must be well over 200.

Starting bid price over a million dollars. That's awesome. I can see why you love cars. That car is a work of art, even in a state of repair. :)

No gallery, nothing. I am an old school sketcher: just sit in front of the car, begin to sketch, and then I create an artistic mass density which makes art lovers gravitate around my sketch pad. It’s a physical pheonmenum. My white watercolors sheets are like bank notes waiting to be signed!

Can't beat that. :) I guess that means, @javier.dejuan, you'd better keeping sketching.

The man knows quality when he sees it and there you are!

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So cool!!! How fortunate are you for this to have happened! Each day new treasures await! :) Enjoy!

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