Rare cars #3 working on Byron’s private collection

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Hello my friends,

I am happy to share with you the work we are doing togoether with Byron Riginos, president of the Clasical Car Center for Greece (http://www.3cg.

Among the cars parked in his extremely tidy garage we have choose five to be drawn.

Here cames the first. A unique Jaguar Mk VIII from 1953.

Fortunately, I have taken a picture of the sketch in order to show the step by step process, as it is the use here.


And then, I open my watercolor box, shadowing first with a light Payne’s Grey hue and then a very very soft core mixed with white:


It was extremely difficult to render the forms of this car as I was working in a garage with artificial lights. Hope I will fix some issues in the next drawing.

More to came in the next days, stay tunned to this account and have fun!


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Another lovely car drawing, @javier.dejuan ! I love these types of cars very much, they are elegant and they remind me of those days where people are always dressing so wonderfully and driving these classy cars :)

old times, good times, when memory filters the good things..

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