Rare cars #5 Working on Byron's collection

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ford model A back.jpg

Hello my friends,

Probably this is the jewel of all the Byron's collection, unless under a pure artistic point of view. The proportions of this Ford Model A from 1932 fits perfectly for my curved perspective purposes. At this time, cars where designed under a aesthetical criteria while nowadays aerodinamics governs all the designs . This times requires us to move fast to go anywhere in many occasions.

Fortunatly, my oldfashioned vintage watercolor style has finally found its cars. These 1930's cars match like a glove with my drawing style. When I was oulining the outter shape, my mechanical pencil flew without hesitation:

ford model A back pencil.jpg

As I was in love with this machine, I asked Byron if I could draw also the front of the car:

This is a good group of lines, because while I was sketching, "the Sting" from Scott Joplin come to my mind and I wondered if this car could take me to the Cotton Club in New York. Experience says that if you have nice thoughs while you are doing something, that means that you are in the good direction.

I wanted to test a new rendering technique. So, I add a permanent Carbon Ink lyer on the top of the watercolor:

ford model A front.jpg

But, I wanted also to keep a consistency with the style used in the first drawing, so, I copy the front and rendered it like the first one:

front ford.jpg

And here are some pics of the original model:

ford real 1.jpg

ford real 2.jpg

Tomorow, I ll have to delivers all this creatures to Byron. Oh! my babys! Will I see them again! Who knows...

Well, I am having a lot of fun and pleasure with Byron and his cars. And new amazing stories are waiting for my oldish watercolor style.

More to come in the next days. Stay tunned to this account, and have fun with a pencil. One day, you will also make money!


Ford Model A 1932 looks really good the photograph shows the perfect condition, I just fell in love with this car and the paintings are done excellently paid attention to the colours that combination of golden and olive green are the most beautiful and you are right that immediately let you think about the Retro cars. I am glad you decided to do the front of the car too. Looks accomplish :)

Hi javier.dejuan,

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The way you draw cars is charming both in your lines, understanding of perspective and the colours you painted them with.
Congratulations for your curie vote, Javier :).

woow, amazing drawing cars old clasic..

You bring something old fashioned to your paintings to match the cars. I can't name it but it something that I really like.

I would love if there would be cars nowadays that would be built like those old cars with engines of new cars. I would enjoy driving such a car in Germany where there is no speed limit on the highway :) Of course there would have to be some adjustments for better comfort but how cool would that be :)

This is not the first post from you that I've visited and I'm glad that I came across your account again. It's such a pleasure to see these old timers not only on the paper but also in real.

Thank you for sharing! I'm sure Byron is happy with your paintings!

Thank you very much @delishtreats.
There is a thing called “hot rod” and it means that you build your own car and then you can choose old bodies and power it with new engines. In America they love it.
By the way, my next trip is Berlin in November. Sure I will find more rare cars to draw, those incredible Mercedes from the late 40’s or 30’s. And.. I will test my spherical perspective with some old airplanes as well. Stay tunned, more funny things to come!

I think what made this post exceptional isn't purely the art work you've put into it but also the back story of the things you love. I learned something today about car models and how they are designed decades ago thanks to this post.

Not really a fan of cars but I do appreciate what vintage themes offer. Learned to love old card models when I was viewing films set in the past and damn some of those curves classy in respect to the timeline.

For the ladies there is a fancy thing in this car activity: the “Concours of elegance”. Imagine your husband is preparing his Ford Thunderbird from 1963 for an exhibition next weekend. You will have to dresse like Tippy Hedren or Audrey Hepburn to win the prize! So, there is also a thing for non mechanics women ...:)

Hi javier.dejuan,

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Love this style of cars, so much, @javier.dejuan :D That trunk space at the rear of it is super charming !

Congratulations for curie, also ! Your cars streak definitely deserves it !!! :D :D :D

Thank you for your help and encouragements @veryspider.

I'm quite liking the original green car. It has a great color on it. I know the post is about drawing but real cars win every time for me.

Howdy there javier.dejuan! Hey this is a great post. The way you explain how you did the drawing and showing the progress of it is very interesting and informative.
It's very cool that you found a type of car which fits your drawing style.
Do you draw other things besides cars?

Thank you very much @janton!
Yes, I draw everything I want, you can take a look at my older posts.

thank you so much, I will!

Aaawww.. I love your paintings @javier.dejuan! The cars look so cute! I love the soft colours of your paintings too.

Amazing! When I was a child I used to draw a lot of cars and this one touched my heart and nostalgia, a little, hahaha. Very great your results, besides that is beautiful this model 1931.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

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