My sketch #2

in #slothicorn3 years ago

Inori. From a anime called guilty crown.
To make sure she is my crush. And don't know about the quality of the sketch but i know one thing that i loved it when i was sketching this one far more that the others sketches of mine.
I prefer a comment from you. And i think both positive and negative comment will help me to do better in the future.
Its all about sharing my sketch. Upvote, comment, resteem are appreciated.


Nice work dude.. just a pair of tears are missing... it could make her more beautiful I guess....

Well the actually she never cried on the anime so no tears for her. But thanks for the suggestion. i will consider it in the future.

Hi @knightofzero :-) quality? is it great?
You my friend are talented you are and will be a great ARTIST
wonderful, Lovely, Amazing WOW

Thanks for your motivational comment. :)

Your welcome 😉

Could you please share your photo along with this drawing?

sure. but sorry for this unusual selfy. There is none around to assist me to take a picture with it.

It looks like her, so I think you captured the character faithfully. The eyes seem to have different focus, but it might just be me. Other than that, good sketch.

Thanks for your comment. It would really help me in future

Hello, @knightofzero! I've never seen the anime myself, but the quality of this picture looks really good. I'm sure with more practice you will inevitably get better. :D I make digital art in the anime style as well if you'd like to check out some of my art on my blog. :) Maybe we can work together on a collab one day. :D


i checked. Some good digital art you got. Actually you are good at it. And about digital art, i am working on animation creation. Working on animation model creation on auto desk maya. And as we are on same line, yeah. why not? we will see each other one day. And i will be waiting to work with you.

Thanks so much! Also, interesting! (about working on animation) I'm positive you'll go far with it. :D I'm going to follow you to stay updated, for sure!

thanks. hopefully it will be great for both of us

And if you have some time on your hand then you can take a look at the anime. i think it is a bit motivational and i am making sure that your time will not be wested if you try.

Yeah sure, I'll definitely check it out when I can. Thanks for suggesting!

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