My Arts : A character from Naruto Anime Series : Jiraya Sensei

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Here is another one of my favorite skethes.
Tried to sketch a Character I saw on Google :p

It took me about an hour to completely finish it. I used 4B pencil.

Due to poor camera, the image is of low quality.

I am Sorry about that !

Again sorry for the poor image quality :p


Niloy is my real name. Rayne is the nickname I use.

Please let me know how much you liked it. You can also give me any suggestion you want.
I am always up for a challenge and I will love to improve myself to the point where I can call myself a professional artist.

Please be with me always :)


I think this is really cool! I'll be following you. I started watching Naruto but I didn't get really far; unfortunate circumstances.
But, I make digital art in anime style, too, if you wanna check out my blog and see some of my work. :D


Thanks. .I checked your profile. You do great 3D arts. But I would be convinced if you showed your art process or somewhat. :p

I do live streams on my youtube. :) The last picture I posted I live streamed as well.

What's the name of your Youtube channel ? I might check it out later !

I'm also going to do a step by step with the picture I'm working on so people can see the process I take. :)

I think I only have three drawing videos because I'm nervous about drawing in front of people, but I will definitely be making more. :) My youtube is

Good luck with that ! :)

Well, I realize two of my videos got blocked because of some copyright something, because I had music playing in the background of my streams, but there will be more up within the next couple of pictures. :) Thank you for subscribing to me!

Welcome.. I haven't watched the videos yet though. I am busy for a project I am doing. I will watch them when I have time to spare. :)

Looking forward to more videos. :)

じらいや! i like that one too