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One of the many stalls in the market.

Borough Market as London’s oldest food market, it has been operating for 1,000 years. What we like about it is that the producers have stalls there and we can be sure it's really good and fresh.
As they say on their website: Borough Market is a place where food is talked about almost as enthusiastically as it is consumed: the farmer who reared the animal, the fisherman who caught the fish, the baker who baked the bread. Other traders have built their reputations on seeking out small-scale artisan producers and bringing their wares to Borough. Together, the Market’s stalls, shops and restaurants reflect London’s status as a truly global city, with traditional British produce sitting alongside regional specialities from around the world.

We also like the Slow Food movement and the founder of that esteemed organisation, Carlo Petrini, says “Borough Market has transformed since I first knew it, but it has always been one of the best examples in the world of not just good produce, but of culture and a growing, sustainable economy.” You can immediately understand why he likes the market as Slow Food is a worldwide movement that supports a low impact approach to food production, with an emphasis on localised traditions and customs.

An American born professional chef, now living in London and who is an admirer of the slow food movement, has been visiting and buying from the market for over 15 years and still buys from there every week. Fridays is the best and he has his favourite stallholders and producers.

You can have a snack from the stallholders (the fans of the Pulled Pork stall is usual winding round the block) or taste cheese, or try a little beer or taste a pastry or sweet. Their bread stalls are really good and fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are excellent. The variety of restaurants around the area is very good indeed.

Today, Friday, Borough Market in London (just opposite London Bridge station) is open from 10 a.m. to 6.p.m. and Saturday is even busier.


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