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Technology has advanced in several aspects and this has brought about so many flexible ways of doing things in our daily activities. One of the main purposes of Technology is to provide smarter and easier ways through which some human activities can be done. The products of Technology has influenced the growth of several industries in the world such as the Finances, Telecommunication, Security, Transportation etc. With the rapid increase in knowledge from time to time the Transportation industry can improve its technological advances through the use of Parksen Application and this would further provide a healthy environment for us all.


The Parksen application is smart application which is both on Google Play Store and Apple Store and has been designed to assist drivers find parking spots with ease. Parksen is an easy to use application with a very simple and basic user interface to assist the average computer literate person to find his way within the application. Through this application garage owners can upload details of their parking spaces available on the platform so that other users can always have access to it and use their services.


Increasing connectivity and reducing the chain of transaction to decrease the cost of transactions is the backbone of the blockchain technology. The Parsksen platform adopts the blockchain technology in creating a Green, Smart and Connected City where individuals would have no trouble finding parking spots. The Parksen platform would be built on one of the major blockchain network Ethereum to deploy its services to users on the platform. In addition, the platform would also use the services of the smart contract system in terms of payment of services. By using smart contract as a medium of payment drivers are ensured of a fair payment system void of any manipulation by some garage owners. Drivers are sometimes faced with sharp increase in the price of parking spaces especially when the demand of it increases in festive seasons.

The Parksen platform also have another vision aside establishing a connected platform which would serve to provide users with the latest of information regarding traffic in their cities. By regulating vehicle traffic, the platform also envisions to help establish a healthy environment for the benefit of humankind. Severe lung diseases and respiratory disorders have been on the rise in many cities due to the increase industrialization and part of this problem is brought about by smokes from the exhaust of cars. Whiles there is huge vehicle traffic within any part of the city there is also a significant amount of smoke that are released into the atmosphere and this pollutes the air within the environment for human consumption.

The Parksen Platform would have Drivers, Garage owners, Developers of Parking applications, and other hardware developers etc. All these parties would come into place to help establish a Smart, Connected and Healthy Environment. Please refer to the whitepaper for more information about the Parksen Platform.


The PARQ Token would be the utility token on the platform through which drivers can pay for services being offered at parking spots. All forms of payments on the platform will be done using the PARQ Token hence ensuring the liquidity of the PARQ Tokens.
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This project is supported by a group of experienced people who have already carried this project to a great success in the country of Netherlands. This shows their commitment in further expanding this project to the world through blockchain technology. Below are some of the members of the team please refer to the website for more information about the entire team behind this project.
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The world is becoming a smart world with the invasion of Blockchain Technology, Fintech, Internet of Things etc. in the various industries. Several research have been conducted already in the development of smart cars which can control themselves with some even responding to voice recognition. Parksen Platform in summary wishes to create a platform where drivers would have timely information on the traffic situation in the cities so that they can maneuver their way in town. Furthermore, drivers would also be assisted through the Parksen application to find parking spots without no stress. This is a working product in the country of Netherlands which has been running smoothly for over five years. We have only one earth so let’s save it by decreasing the amount of air pollution within the environment.

Connect with the team on the following lines:







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Bitcointalk Username: Aponkye1

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Technology is indeed developing at a faster rate other than anybody can ever imagine. With this application in place then drivers would no longer have to burden themselves looking for driving spots as all these would be communicated directly through the Parksen Driving Application.
Thanks for sharing :)

Exactly @frimpz...with the use of Parksen Application drivers would be updated from time to time where they can easily park looking at their present location as seen on the Parksen Platform. Please do visit their website for more information :)
Yours Ikkelins.

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