What are some smart things that lazy people do?

in #smart6 months ago


  1. Bill Gates said, “I would choose a lazy person to do a hard job because they will find an easy way to do it”. — They**** ****find the easiest way.

  2. They use others to do their work for them. It sounds mean but is a key skill in business. — They delegate.

  3. They ask for help instead of figuring it out on their own, which saves them time. — They learn from others' failures.

  4. They have no pressure to be perfect which helps them get started. — They set low-barrier to entry.

  5. They can make boring tasks fun; working with music, taking more breaks. — They make work fun.

  6. They can handle high-pressure tasks well because they are already saving energy — They are relaxed.

  7. They want to avoid work so are able to focus on the 20% that gets results — They are efficient.