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Come join the NO BANS SmartCash Discord Community! We're attempting to force a fix from within!


Good stuff bro. I admire your courage. Keep it up!
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hope Smartcash will fine soon,

Theres a small chance still.

Seems like the inflation would balance out soon enough. The inflation rate was published and bake into protocol layer for everyone to see. DOGE did will with a lot of inflation so far. What's the current smartcash inflation rate? I know it drops on linear regression.

I am impressed with the progress made in developments. I really don't understand why the price has dropped so far. I got in last year around Oct. so I believe I am break even with the rewards.

Smart is doing better than some other shit coins I

I understand you concern. Thanks for keeping us informed. It's our money there on the line and that chart is one wicked beast.

Sell it all now or just keep HODLing?

I think Smart Cash will be fine. It's already on it's way up! :-)

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