SMARTMEDIA PHOTOGRAPHY: Maybe its love,slow down tourist fiesta,

This is a blog created by smg group for curating the best photos and art, while we do so we make sure these photos have good quality and look nice to you..

@photography-smg is part of the SMGroups project [email protected] to help better organize content in their categories and build communities around it.

This blog will start curating posts that features the tag @photography the platform is created to support great photography content and win together.





Curation Guidelines to follow

Content - To enhance the stage and this made us think we energize innovation in content. While there is nothing amiss with sharing same content
entfrom different sources in any case, if it's not too much trouble attempt to make unique substance!

Refering to Sources - To limit the measure of counterfeiting or copyright encroachment, it is prescribed to refer to your sources on your blog entries. This makes it less demanding for everybody to check the substance and credit the first creator/maker.

Review:, review the post, check it very well
before posting.


Our goal is to support our newbies and build a better photography history for them.

If possible you can use smg as your tag you can get curated through that or if you can join our discord channel