The Clever Lazy Man

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I have also noticed something, the ats that fed on cow milk are getting fat and lazy and too satisfied to chase rats off. My cat is active and it kills any rat that comes to my house, Dene said.
I have been wondering too that the rats have been increasing despite all the investment to get cats and all, the King said. Perhaps, we should stop giving the cats milk. Let them work for what they will eat by hunting rats.
Does that mean, we shall return the cows? Bagbe asked.
That shouldn't be necessary, Dene said. It will not speak well if the King, after blessing his people with cows, asks them to return them.

That's true, the King said. Let them keep the cows.
Dene was happy. He had outwitted even the King. He would have hi cow and continue to have fresh milk.
The following day, in the evening, Shimbe went to the place with a young man. The man had come to the kingdom looking for somebody.


Shimbe had met him on her way from the market. The man did not know the name of the person he was really looking for. He only knew the man was a chief from Agboro because of his dressing.
When the man had told her why he was looking for the chief, Shimbe was sure who the chief was. She simply took the man to the King.


I hate lazy people. You can not acheive anything being lazy