The Smart But Lazy Man (15)

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The king sighed. None of the suggestions appealed to him. He noticed that Dene whom he assumed was very nice and on which account he had made him a minister had not talked. He called on him.
Dene pretend to think about the issue. Then he sighed. My idea may not be too fantastic but I think it will work, he said.
Let's hear it, the King said.
Cats kill rats, if everybody in this kingdom had a cat, the cats would kill all the rats in a matter of weeks, Dene said.

The king Cogitated over the suggestion. He liked it, but the problem was where would they get cats for every house in the kingdom? He asked Dene about it.
If every household is taxed to pay a certain amount and they paybwithin three days, I assure you that I will go out and get all the cats they need, Dene said.

The king agreed and called a meeting of all heads of household in the kingdom. The king told them the situation and most of them agreed that cats would help them exterminate the rat population.


Laziness is a virus that eats into a man's future