African Daisy

African Daisy

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Hello Steemit

Good day steemit friends! Happy posting its been a long time that I was not able to post or make some updates where am I in past few days. I was in my province for a long time due to some reason and theres no signal out there. Its not easy for me to post and make some noise to this steemworld or shall we say steemit platform. But its my pleasure also because I have a lot of photos that I've captured in my province. Example for that is our aftrican daisy it is very beautiful with colored pink. l'm very happy when I've done taking photos and watch after that, the feeling looks like you are a professional photography ( wow ). I got big confidence for what I've done hopefully you like it :)

Lens12 MP
LocationDumanjug Cebu Philippines


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African Daisy

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