Golden Blue

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Details of shoot
Catagory: goldenhourphotography
Apreture : f /2.0
ISO : 100
speed : 1/670 No Flash
lens : 3.75 mm
Camera : Xiaomi Redminote 4x
location : Lhokseumawe City Resorvoir - Indonesia
Photographer : @d4rius

Foto sunrise pagi ini, saya mendapatkan nuansa biru keemasan yang tampak begitu memukau, warna sunrise memang tak bisa kita prediksi, kadang dia muncul warna merah keemasan, orange dan banyak lagi lainnya.

Pagi ini saya mendapatkan nuansa biru keemasan dan dengan senang hati saya bagikan di postingan kali ini, semoga berkenan.

Sunrise photos this morning I get the feel of a golden blue that looks so stunning, sunrise color can not we prediction, sometimes he appears golden red, orange and many more and this morning I get a golden shades of gold and I am happy to share in the post this time, hopefully pleased.

Please enjoy! And do leave me a comment if you like my photo.


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Bit2 lagak foto nyan

terima kasih banyak...😁🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Memang @d4rius cukop carong bak mita moment untuk jeut keu foto lagak, hana rugo lon didik jameun 😄😄😄😛