Smartphone Photography ~ Kalbishakhi Storm (কালবৈশাখী ঝড়)

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Today I want to share my smartphonephotography about black Storm, locally called Kalbishakhi. I want to share some information about the storm so you can better understand the atmosphere of my photography. Kalbishakhi (কালবৈশাখী) is a type of thunderstorm that usually flows from April to May. The term 'kal' means the season, or the black color and the 'Baishakhi' is the name of month of Bangali, which means the Baishakhi cloud of black color. This name is due to the dark color clouds and storms and its destructive nature. The destroyer is also called 'Kal'. These storms arise in the hands of the summer season. Within a short time the whole sky covered with dense black clouds. Kalbishakhi wind speed is 40 to 60 km per hour. In some cases this speed may be more than 100 km per hour. Kalabishakhi's stability is less, but sometimes the storm lasts more than one hour.







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🙏😊 ~Nameste~ 😊🙏


Great pictures!I also post smartphone photography,do check my blog.

I like the atmosphere in these shots! I loved that horizon and the last one is especially moody :D Cool shots!

Greetings! (:

Thank you @ailindigo. This is very appreciative for me that you like my photography. I'm thankful to God because I was present there to capture the beautiful atmosphere.

Wow with your phone? That is amazing and you take those black clouds, just be careful that will be a big storm.

Thank you @cgame for commenting. I have used my Moto G Turbo Edition to captured these picture. The storm was just started when I took the pictures. Thank you once again for your valuable feedback that is very appreciative for me.

Nameste 🙏😊

Ohh Amazing storm!! Greetings from Venezuela!

Thanks Betin @betzy. Yeah the storm was really amazing. Speed wind with thunderstorm and black densed cloud. Scary but beautiful. Nature is always beautiful if we can see the beauty. God bless you.

Please say from which phone do u used to capture these photograph ?

I have used my Moto G Turbo Edition for captured these images. You can also see my other photography related posts that also chaptered with my mobile phone.

awesome photography brother is feels like heaven so thanks for posting :)

Thank you bro for your liking my photography. I tried to present the atmosphere but the actual atmosphere was much more beautiful than the pictures I have Chaptered.

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