rice harvest in the fields

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Rice Ready to Harvest ??


You need to know, to get what is called rice requires a long process, from preparing agricultural land, rice nurseries, planting rice and harvesting processes, and finally milling rice into rice. Harvesting process is very decisive for crop yields, because harvesting errors can result in reduced rice yields in an area. Farmers in Indonesia generally still use traditional methods to harvest rice. how to harvest like this has been passed down from generation to generation.

Here are the steps to harvest rice traditionally:

Prepare equipment for harvesting rice, such as: Sickle, Tarpaulin and threshing paddy and rice threshing device (in Javanese it is called Gepyokan).

The first step, cut the rice stalks using a sickle. To do this, grab a clump of rice stalks and cut right at the bottom of the stem. After that, stack them into small piles. Be careful when cutting rice stalks, because if you are negligent, maybe your fingers will be cut off.

After all the stems are cut, collect these small collections near the tarpaulin that has been laid. Get the traditional thresher tools, and start threshing the rice.

Throwing rice can be done by holding a handful of rice stalks. Hold the lower stem and beat the rice against the thresher until the rice falls out. For beginners, don't roll the rice stalks too big, because the results will not be optimal. This method of threshing rice is quite draining.

Finally, after everything has been threshed. Clean rice from rice leaves that fall out with other dirt. Dry the rice in the sun to dry and the rice is ready to be milled or prepared. To produce is called it requires hard effort from farmers, starting from time, material, also energy. Therefore, do not make it a habit to waste rice or leave rice. Appreciate every grain of rice, because not everyone can be lucky you can eat rice every day. Finally, keep our earth green.

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