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RE: Smartsteem Update 18th September '19

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So automated curation at 3,4 minutes is now called manual curation. I was not aware of that.

Since you are not sharing any of the curation rewards with your delegators which is currently the real asset and you are expecting others to fall for SmartPoints now which are not even listed on Steem-Engine, just imaginary numbers.

I am not being totally critique of your methods but atleast you should consider listing them somewhere for more credibility instead of blind faith only.


We do manually curate at 3-4 minutes in some cases. But we're not using automation for broadcasting votes. This is all being done manually, as well as the comments. Comments will most likely be automated over time, however, the votes have always been reviewed and done manually.

We've stated multiple times what our plans for SmartPoints are and whether you believe in them or not, is your decision. And there are also reasons why we haven't listed them on SteemEngine, especially as it wouldn't change anything considering that the uses-cases are just following. We appreciate the questions.

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I don't see anything extraordinary, just regular manual curation